About Me

So who the heck is this THGT dude?  You can call me John (my birth name) – or any one of my internet pseudonyms:  

TheHunterGT – HunterGT – Supreme Commander Overlord…they all work just fine.

How did I get my start metal detecting?  It all started in 2014 while laid up in the hospital from some blood clot issues.   9 surgeries – 14 stents – 8 months.     

There was not much to do some days.  Just kick back, give the nurses a hard time, and watch videos on YouTube.  One day, while sipping my hospital margarita, I came across a few metal detecting and gold prospecting videos.  That “where the heck has this been all of my life” feeling set in right away.  Get me out of this hospital.  I want to go metal detecting!

In January of 2015, I bought my very first metal detector – a Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger off of Craigslist.   Not long after that, my very first sluice box.  Metal detecting AND gold fever!  A double whammy combination!  I was hooked.

Being a tech nerd who already liked computers, audio equipment, video equipment…etc…I decided to jump right in and start pumping out YouTube videos of my very own.   It was not long after that I had purchased a Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro and Sharp Shooter 2 at a garage sale.  I learned them well – found silver and tax tokens – but wanted something even better. 

I called Craig at Show Me Treasure and received my very first “big-boy” metal detector – the Teknetics T2 Classic.  

A few more videos – a sponsor here and there – plenty of supporters and haters – and here we are today!   A NoktaMakro dealer  – 6000+ subs – live streams.   It’s bonkers.  

Some more random facts to get to know me a little better…

  • Born:  California
  • Age:  44
  • Children: Two teenagers
  • College:  Networking, IT, Graphic Design, Web Dev.
  • Favorite Color:  Black (or grey)
  • Breakfast:  Lucky Charms
  • Lunch: Turkey Club Sandwich
  • Dinner:  BBQ (ribs – chicken – steak – burgers – brats)
  • Music Tastes:  Metal – Techno – Classical – Opera
  • Favorite Movie:  Casino
  • Favorite TV Shows:  Peaky Blinders – Deadwood – The Boys
  • Book:  Coldfire Trilogy by C.S. Friedman
  • Favorite Detector:  Nokta/Makro Anfibio Multi
  • Favorite Find:  1840’s French Centime
  • Favorite Type of Detecting:  Parks and Schools – Gold Prospecting – Relic Hunting – Beach Hunting…in that order!
  • Gaming:  PlayStation 4 and Gaming PC (Ryzen/Nvidia build)
  • Favorite Games:  Project Cars 2 – Gran Turismo Sport – ARMA 3 – StarCraft 2 – Battlefield 2-3-4-5 – PUBG – Modern Warfare…many others…