It got above 50 Saturday. If I had not went out pawing in the dirt I would have been wishing I did on Monday. A school site new to me. Muddy and windy but here it is after sorting out the trash …..some clad, a lead ball, a car {not hot wheel}, PoKeMoN Token , and what I think is a stone masons hammer head ???   The token was a teaser. It rang in like a quarter and at first glance I thought it was a clad half.
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Good stuff Double D. Hammer and axe heads are always a cool find.
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very good finds now you know what a hammerhead rings up at.
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Might want to do some research on that token.  Pokemon stuff can be pretty ridiculous if it is considered a rare version or whatever.  Nintendo would purposefully create limited editions and sell them at regular pirce...only to arrive on Ebay for thousands of dollars.
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I did a quick look on the "Bay".   One exact token for sale.   Marked down to  7.19 from  9.99  shipped free.    I'm sure that its UNDUG condition.....lol     Tongue
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Something like that coin would have to be pristine for a game collector to want.

Still a neat find and one that you could then gift to a youngin' in your flock!
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