Thanks for adding me I'm in southern Indiana. I'm retired I've had detectors for years never had time to get serious. Mostly used to find property markers and help friends find lost things.  My previous detectorswere a Bh 101,it died a peaceful death, now I have a Bh Gold digger. Seems to be a good machine!  But now I am ready to update. Will be buying a land ranger pro in a few weeks!!?
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Welcome to the forums, we are glad to have you. The LRP is a great machine, you'll be pleased.
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Hello cowboy!  Welcome to the forum...appreciate you signing up and being here.

You know...that Gold Digger has a great disc circuit and can pass some pretty bonkers nail tests.   I always had fun using my sons.  Many consider it a toy...but I would place it up against a Compadre in a competition dig any day.  5 inches depth...great circuit...stupid fast recovery speed.

As good as it is for $60...the LRP is a very big upgrade though.  You will be digging deeper...have many more options...and just a plain better detector.  Always here to help if you have any questions.  Looking forward to your finds and posts!
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Welcome BDCowboy  !!  Look forward to your posts .....welcome
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welcome to the group. i agree the land ranger pro was my upgrade from the tracker 4 i bought to see if i would be interested in digging. at this time i am completely satisfied with my land ranger pro. and have no plans to upgrade any time soon.
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Welcome to the forum BDC and HH with the LRP I hope you find a IHP or a SLQ and share them with us at THGT forums.[Image: biggrin.png]
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Hello and welcome to the forums, we're happy to have you here!
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