The new Nokta Anfibio Multi
Pictured below is a pic of the detector’s screen in the dark with intensity at full brightness setting.  Notice the keys are lit as well.

[Image: 33at25y.jpg]

A very nicely built detector.  I see no shortcuts.  Not flimsy feeling at all.  This model detector build quality when looking at it externally is compared to all detectors I have handled as the Rolls-Royce of Metal Detectors.

The tones provided and volume are great.  External speaker provides very ample volume and sound quality to use on those say hot days when headphones are just too uncomfortable.

Once paired with the supplied wireless headphones, and you power off both headphones and detector, once you are again ready to detect, you power up headphones and detector and pairing in very quick.  No waiting around to get to detecting.

Buttons on control provide good feedback when used.

Nice adjustable arm cuff.

Internal battery provides very ample detecting use time and charging is a breeze.

Connectors used to connect coils to control head are very user friendly (idiot proof).

The unit supplied to me for testing only had stock coil.  The stock coil is light for an 11”did coil.  Coils does come with cover.
Mounting hardware supplied does a great job securing coil and helps keep in position for actual detecting.

Detector is very balanced, the best balanced detector I have handled with a stock sized 11” DD round Coil.

Rod with its adjustments seems to offer good latitude for folks of different heights.  I will measure and post with pics or video the exact measurements when rod is fully collapsed and fully extended (useable position).

Notice there is no pinpoint switch but rather a pinpoint button on control.

I should have additional coils (I purchased) for the detector come Monday so maybe I can share info about them as far as how the actual detector performs as far as enhanced separation/unmasking and see ballpark wise how deep they are in MY soil on various common items looked for by detectorist.

 Not a difficult detector to run.

This detector with stock supplied coil is deeper than the Nokta Impact with stock coil in my soil.  I suspect in even milder ground it will be deeper.  In areas such as NE and Midwest areas of USA, this detector will be a very deep seeker.  I look forward to hearing some reports of actual users of Anfibio Multi from these areas.

I want to thank Dilek for giving me the chance to test and review this detector for Nokta Makro.  

I will try and get into some more detail tomorrow and hopefully get a video or 2 showing this very nice looking and built detector.

For reference purposes need to post these.

Brochure link for all Anfibio models.

User’s Manual all Anfibio models
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The Anfibio is a very beautiful detector from what I have seen and read on many of the European forums........
I really enjoyed demo-ing a Multi Kruzer for two weeks last winter. What a great detector. It was so well balanced and well built. My only problem with it was I had trouble seeing all of the important fine print for all of the settings. That's just me and my old eyes though. Otherwise, it was a fantastic, super hot detector. The Anfibio is very similar I believe. Nokta/Makro are really doing things right in my opinion. I am excited about their semi-entry level detector coming out next year. I hope that they can have a repair facility in the USA soon too.

Jeff McClendon
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Very nice.
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Some vidoes I have done

Nokta Anfibio intro video basically

Nokta Anfibio freshwater beach test with clad dime

Nokta Anfibio Small ladies gold ring at a solid 12” deep on freshwater beach.
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