Vibraprobe 580
I know with all the other pinpointers on the market the vibraprobe doesn’t get much love.   I have personally owned one since 2012.  It a tip only pulse induction unit.  The range isn’t nearly as much as all the rest, but sometimes that make pinpointing easier, at least for me.  It will get a little over an inche on most coins.  That has made me be more precise when pinpointing with my detector.  It also makes shallow Coimbatore targets very simple to retrieve.  I have watched many YouTube videos where it pains me to watch people people retrieve targets.  Pinpointers with side scan and lots of depth look to make things harder to find, in my view and opinion.
THe turnoff for most people would be the size.  It’s 14” long overall.  This has never bothered me.  If I have a 6-8” hole dug, it is actually a big help.  It is completely waterproof since there are zero buttons or speaker.  It vibrates only, and does have proximity pulses.  You turn it on by holding the tip up until it vibrates twice.  You do the same to turn it off, or just wait one minute.  It will shut off by itself.
I have never had the pinpointer act strange or wonky, but it will make my machines beep erratically IF the coil is too close to my plug when retrieving a target.  I learned this early on though.  All I had to do was face the coil away from the hole.  
Just wanted to give my thoughts and opinions on what I use and love.  I may buy their new unit someday.  It is the 585 model.  They improved the circuitry so that it detects full depth until the battery is completely dead, instead of losing depth when the battery starts to go down.  I also just payed for a used unit as a backup just in case. 
 These hold up very well to scuffing and probing in the soil.
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i understand where you are with this since the pin pointer i have is the bounty hunter 1 and it only has about an inch of range too. it makes shallow recovery easy  especially after a rain when the ground is soft. it has a switch and an audio tone  but since my hearing is not so good i have to rely totally on vibration and yes it causes the detector to false if it is too close to the pin pointer. at this time it is what i got and over 100 bucks for a long range pin pointer aint in the budget or really needed i hunted  over a year without a pin pointer so i still only use mine for hard to find targets or shallow ones. nver pays to get too dependent on some thing cause what happens to your hunt if say the battery dies a long way from a replacement 1.
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I've always wanted the one with the small coil on the end....700 series I think.  Be great for snorkeling shallow waters where people only go hip deep.    TONS of rings found in that section of water.
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