What is up everybody!  Welcome to the official website of…me…TheHunterGT!  

I am going to take a wild guess that you are here from my YouTube channel.  Let me give a big THANK YOU to all the viewers and subscribers who have helped turn it into what it is today.  9500+ subs are growing!  BONKERS!

If you have not heard the recent news, I am now a metal detector dealer for the following companies:

NoktaMakro – Minelab – Fisher – Teknetics – Bounty Hunter – XP – Garrett

Check out the SALES page for more info!

If you are here for the forums, they are no longer active and have been replaced by a Facebook group called TheHunterGT Hangout.  Come show off your finds – talk shop – and hang out with the crew.

PEW PEW – BANG BANG – VROOM VROOM!  If there is one thing I love as much as metal detecting, it is gaming!  Come hang out with me over at Twitch where I live stream my totally rad gamer skills.  Make sure you don’t miss Marble Racing every Friday at 5PM PST…where YOU the viewer can join in!  (random giveaways may happen for the winners)