What is up everybody?  Welcome to the official website of…me…TheHunterGT!  

I am going to take a wild guess that you are here from my YouTube channel.  Let me give a big THANK YOU to all the viewers and subscribers who have helped turn it into what it is today.  10,000+ subs are growing!  BONKERS!

If you have not heard the recent news, I am now a metal detector dealer for the following companies:

NoktaMakro – Minelab – Fisher – Teknetics – Bounty Hunter – XP – Garrett

Check out the SALES page for more info!

Want to show off your finds – talk shop – and hang out with the GT crew?

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PEW PEW – BANG BANG – VROOM VROOM!  If there is one thing I love as much as metal detecting, it is PC gaming!  Come hang out with me over at Twitch where I live stream my totally rad gamer skills M-W-F at 5PM PST.  Make sure you don’t miss Marble Racing every Friday at 5PM PST…where YOU the viewer can join in!