About Me

So who the heck is this rad dude? 

You can call me John (my birth name) – or any one of my internet pseudonyms:  TheHunterGT – HunterGT – Supreme Commander Overlord…they all work just fine.

How did I get my start metal detecting? 

It all started in 2014 while laid up in the hospital.  Doctors found a blood clot issue that required 9 surgeries – 14 stents – all in 8 months time.  There was not much to do during recovery.  Basically just kick back, give the nurses a hard time, and watch videos on YouTube.  One day, while sipping my hospital margarita, I came across a few metal detecting and gold prospecting videos.  That “where the heck has this been all of my life” feeling set in right away.  Get me out of this hospital, I want to go metal detecting!

In January of 2015, I bought my very first metal detector – a Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger off of Craigslist.   Not long after that, my very first sluice box and gold pans.  Metal detecting AND gold fever!  I was hooked.

What got you started on YouTube?

I’ve always been a tech nerd who was into computers, audio equipment, video equipment…etc.  So I decided to just jump right in and start pumping out YouTube videos of my very own.   A few more videos – sponsors –  supporters and haters – and here we are today!  A multi-brand dealer with 10,000+ subs.  It’s bonkers.

Some more random facts to get to know me a little better…

  • Born:  California
  • Age:  44
  • Children: Two teenagers
  • College:  Networking, IT, Graphic Design, Web Dev.
  • Favorite Color:  Black (or grey)
  • Breakfast:  Lucky Charms
  • Lunch: Turkey Club Sandwich
  • Dinner:  BBQ (ribs – chicken – steak – burgers – brats)
  • Music Tastes:  Metal – Techno – Classical – Opera
  • Favorite Movie:  Casino
  • Favorite TV Shows:  Peaky Blinders – Deadwood – The Boys
  • Book:  Coldfire Trilogy by C.S. Friedman
  • Favorite Detector:  Just one?
  • Favorite Find:  1840’s French Centime
  • Favorite Type of Detecting:  Parks and Schools – Gold Prospecting – Relic Hunting – Beach Hunting…in that order!
  • Gaming:  PlayStation 4 and Gaming PC (Ryzen/Nvidia build)
  • Favorite Games:  iRacing – Project Cars 2 – Gran Turismo Sport – ARMA 3 – StarCraft 2 – Battlefield 2-3-4-5 – PUBG…many others.