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There are a couple ways to post images here on the forum. The attached picture on bottom shows locations where this can be accomplished.

#1. Use the "Insert Image" option. To do this - click onto the picture logo on the menu above the white box, and it will place (img)...(/img) tags there for you in the white content box. Place the URL of your linked image inside of those bracket tags. You can link to your pictures on Google Photos. Other free choices are and

#2. Attach files directly to the board. This will keep your files on my server where the forum is hosted. Maximum file size is 5MB with a total of 10 attachments allowed per post. If your pictures are some large 10+ MB monsters off your camera at 5000x5000 pixels - you will need to find a way to compress or resize them. A neat free program is or even You can also use the Microsoft Paint tool in Windows 10.

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Brilliant John! My most compliant daughter of the two will easily be able to post pictures from myself onto the forum now. I guess it's time for me to exit my 'phone cave' and step into the 'smart-phone light'. All I need now is to buy one with massive armour protection for wilderness pagan-life protection! :shock: ;) ;)
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