How much importance do you think/know FT gives to the views and recommendations of highly respected U.S metal detecto?

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Tim Kernowek 59
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After engaging in our recent forum topic, relating to the new FT single frequency MD, I have done much pondering.."Da Da!" The question that returns most to me is, " I wonder how much FT takes heed of the views and recommendations of respected, knowlegeable testers (outside of regular employees),, dealers and, level -headed YT U.S metal detectorists? Does anybody know whether the views of men like yourself, John, or the likes of Keith Southern, and many other such good men, carry weight with FT? I so hope so, because after enjoying the most recent Live-Stream, and listening to John's comments regarding his wish of FT making a F19/G2+ type MD plaform with 'Super-Boost' powers to get down to F75/T2 depth of hunting, it has set my mind to asking on our forum. F19/G2+ speed and greater depth as the standard operating platform, would be amazing, I believe.
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Well, I hope they pay attention to the legit reviewers opinions. But, I think they also know where their big money market is and that would explain the wide variety of machines to choose from. Truth be told, I think the high end (expensive) detector market is smaller than the mid- low end range. These days we're getting a lot of bang for the bucks.
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They for sure listen to the vets in the hobby who are used to testing machines for decades - Steve Herschbach for gold prospecting - Tom Dankowski for beach hunting and circuit knowledge - Keith Southern for relic hunting...etc. They also listen to the up and coming testers and influencers like myself who have popular YT channels and who have made a flash in a lesser amount of time.

Not to toot my own horn...but a lot of a vets have a matter of fact attitude that starts with...."Well I've been detecting for 30 years" - followed by an essay about their life story in detecting. That makes me tune out immediately. It is the intelligence backing those 30 years that matters - not the amount of time. I've seen brilliant young teenagers - and elder adults who I would gladly label as idiots. Do the math.

I think they (the companies) like me for the fact that I am middle aged...not too young and not too old...have a technical background...and can type decent to comprehend write-ups. I have seen and read some of my elder's write-ups who have been detecting for 30+ years. They make it seem like they spent 30+ days in grammar school - and not a second more.
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"and can type decent to comprehend write-ups"......what does this mean?

your videos played a major part in my decision to purchase from FT...the other guys,?...until recently I had never heard of them. Your videos have also help me to understand what I should be doing when I'm out detecting and as youtubers go, there are only two others that have helped me at all. That carries a lot of weight .. IMO.

It is funny you used that phrase, "I've been detecting for 30 years"...the first guy I ever hunted with, Ron, told me the same thing. Our first hunt together was at his permission, he found a zincoln, I found a silver baby spoon, We left that permission and hit the park just down the road where he found some clad and I found my first gold ring. He had never found gold in all his 30 years detecting .. I had somewhere between 30 days and well short of 30 week under my though you should put some stock in the 'time under the belt' phrase .. it doesn't always mean a whole bunch .. I have well over 30 years playing a guitar and still can't play lead .. and as far as music is concerned no one will ever hear me or know who I am.

with that said, I hope we are about to see a FT machine that stands on its own merits .. something more than an enhanced version of their big machines....and I hope they don't go the same way Garrett did with their apex...and build up a let down...not even trying to compete with a machine that hit their flagship detector hard....I want a machine that makes me say, "well old T2, it's been a fun ride...but you have a younger brother that you just can't compete with."
Tim Kernowek 59
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thanks for the feed-back. I hope that the new FT single frquency is going to be well worth the wait. So too the P.I and the CMF when it is ready. I've owned a couple or three European machines way back, but I have to say that I enjoy the U.S machines immensely. Such a pity that JC's boys let the Tesoro brand die. I was genuinely sad, though not in the least surprised, when I heard they had shut up shop. Thank God that the chinks didn't buy the brand name. Better gone than use such copy cat 'equipment'.
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