Rain Dance

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Had I known that all it would take to bring a rainstorm was to order a new detector, I would have done it weeks ago. It has been pretty dry here, being a farmer it is time to plant my corn and the moisture is way down there. I kind of hope this sets in and continues all day.

I have been wanting a higher frequency machine for a while. Due to the customer service I have received in the past from Juan, and Alex at First Texas, other manufactures didn't get much consideration. I was back and forth between the Patriot and the G2+ or equivalents. A tough decision to start with, and email to HunterGT made it even tougher. I ended up going with the Patriot, the sound options that are similar to what I have been using on my Liberator weighed pretty heavily in the decision. I'm expecting delivery any time now, and maybe tomorrow I can go see how deep this moisture penetrated the ground.
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congratulations on the new purchase .. may it bring you lots of treasures
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I think you will enjoy it. Great detector and I would not mind picking up another for myself. About as light and well balanced as a detector can be other than a Deus or Orx.
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The Patriot will please you I reckon. It has great reviews, and a greater pedigree, so I wish you best of luck hunting with it! I'm awaiting on the release of the new single frquency MD from FT , hopefully this year... If it brings us rain in U.K it'll come as no surprise here on the North Atlantic Gulf-Stream! The Romans got it bang on when referring to Britain as 'The Grey Isle'. We get beaucoup rain. I will lol if it rains heavy on its release day. ATB
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