New lighter 15" coil

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Whos got one and how are you liking it?
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I know Jeff has one for his F75, but he has likely not used it much yet. Just arrived for him last week. I enjoy my T2 version. It is lighter than I thought - and can swing 5-6 hours no problem as long as on flat-land. I would not use it on inclines.
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Your review of the 15" DD gave the impression that it was a significant improvement over the old type one. It struck me as being more easily swung, and not unwieldy. Hopefully Jeff will be able to up-date us in due time. Here in U.K we can buy a 'Easi-Swing' metal detector sling that works in conjunction with a rubber bungee and a caribiner clip, for £30-ish. Bungee loops back on itself around the hand grip of F75 type pistol grip, just under control box; the caribiner from end of bungee, hooks on to the adjustable sling. Sling has a large padded loop, that the off-arm goes through, connected to a single adjustable strap, with padding that follows across your shoulder, behind your neck, and over onto your chest. Connect caribiner to it, adjust for your height, and 'Happy Days'. You can swing the front heaviest of MDs with total ease for many hours. You don't have to un-clip to dig or kneel, simply turn your Mds aroung while connected so the arm-cuff faces forward, before kneeling to examine the clod with your pointer, which, being no-where near the coil , suffers less from emi. If you can find a similar sling in U.S, I'd recommend buying one, if only for heavier swinging. I hope that you find this helpful. ATB.
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Sounds interesting Tim. I wonder if that is the same thing as the swing thing I think doc made them. I had one on an explorer with a huge wot coil and it was a pita. Thing weighed more than my golf
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