Patriot first real hunt

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I finally got out for some real time on the end of the Patriot. Man this thing can be a handful, but I can adjust it down to a little hotter than my Liberator. I have read all of digger 57's posts on the old board and kind of tried to run the Liberator the same way. I opened it all the way up 0 disc, +3 threshold, and 99 sensitivity. I couldn't sit in the seat, and ended up disking up through foil, 0 threshold, and 60 sensitivity. 3 tone and DE speed. Good targets down to the 5ish inch mark were sounding near identical to the Liberator. There is so much more information available at these settings than I have experienced with my Liberator. I'm hearing a lot more clipped signals, and I now know what a deep whisper sounds like now. There is plenty of room for me to grow into this machine, and I'm glad I didn't start out with it. The only thing I had an issue with is the volume knob would hit my shirt tail and turn the volume down from time to time but not a huge issue.

Not a bad day..... find of the day 1940 wheat.
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nice to see you're getting along with the new machine .. as far as the volume knob problem, which seems to be a thing with many of the FT machines with the battery compartment under the elbow .. I keep the battery rain cover on my T2 almost all the time .. the neoprene with the small hole for the knob has kept the adjustment where I put it and I haven't experienced that problem .. I have heard of many experiencing the same thing you're describing .. the rain cover is very inexpensive .. I bet theHunterGT could hook you up with a good deal on one.
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Thanks Scott. Sounds like a pretty easy fix if I get to the point I feel it needs fixing. For now to me it is just something I need to be aware of.
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Glad to see and here that you've got out with your Patriot man. Once you gel properly with it those silver coins will come to you if they're about. Main thing is to experiment continually with your Patriot. Instruction manuals are essential, but experimentation is the key. Other folks settings are usually more relevant to their specific soil types; yours might be totally different from those that they find THEIR settings work best FOR THEM in. Quality head-phones are key to hitting on the tiny, deeper coins etc, in my op. ATB and I hope that you enjoy your hunting.
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Nice job CN. Patriot is a great machine. Super deep if you can handle the chatter and wrap your head around the settings. Digger27 had some great posts (I promise never to delete this forum).
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One of my favorite rigs. It can be a handful though. A bit like putting a hemi engine on a bicycle. Nice to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. I find myself running it in 2f tones most of the time.
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