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Seeing the HunterGT's newest video running the ctx3030 .. only a couple questions come to mind and they are about the machine.
1. Is it the best hobby metal detector? .. and
2. Is the price justified, as compared to performance?
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For me Scott, I'd wait for John to finish his evaluation on it. John is direct, and 'clear of vision',as we know, so it'll be a forth-right post- trial run-down. I agree with his views regarding the boring 100 plus hours time-served' aquaintance with advanced metal detectors being mandatory spiel. Someone with a modicum of savvy, possessing good computer accumen ,ought not to take 100 hours to be competant with such a machine, to a greater rather than lesser extent. From what I gather, the 3030 IS the pinnacle of hobby detectors, at this time. As far as justification of price, for quality of construction and, ultimately, performance? Such 'beauty' resides in the eye (or hand), of the beholder. I would not have the use for one. If, however, I lived in East Anglia for instance, and had permissions that had yielded 'consistent' quality finds in upper layers of soils , I would use no other machine. One VF Iceni full
stater find would pay for a 3030 out-right.
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I am not sure on #1...but it is a no on #2. It should be $1800 or so. About $700 lower than what it is. It has held too long at that price for as heavy as it is. They can for sure place it in a smaller body if they wanted to - even if the screen size stayed the same. It really is over-built. Might be the best made detector on the market as far as build quality. It is up there with the Anfibio in my eyes.
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