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  • What is up everybody?  Welcome to the official home of TheHunterGT! 

    You are likely here from my YouTube channel - so thank you for following up and checking the website out.  (Hopefully you hit that subscribe button before leaving YouTube 😎)

    I try to keep it pretty simple around here.   Forum - Gallery - Calendar (in case you forget what day it is) - Chatbox.  The entire website is created around the forum software - so most links and roads lead to the forum itself. 

    Feel free to poke around and get yourself acquainted.  It would be totally awesome if you created a forum account to come hang out with me and the group.  Forums obviously work with people posting, so feel free to come talk shop - post your finds - ask questions.  No detector bashing drama or X vs Y drama going on here - just rad people talking about rad things (metal detecting of course). 

    Thanks again for checking the place out - hope you have a great day.  🍻

  • LOOKING TO BUY?   XP - Garrett - NoktaMakro - Fisher - Teknetics - Bounty Hunter - Lesche

    I do not have a shopping cart storefront!  (Nasty things those - stay away people)  

    Email me at thehuntergt@gmail.com to place an order - you will not regret it. 

    All of my invoices are sent to your email via PayPal Business - credit or debit accepted - no PayPal account needed (you can pay as guest).

    I DO NOT CARRY STOCK - Which means you do not get old product sitting on a shelf for 8-12 months eating away at some internal Li-Ion battery with a limited lifespan.

    XP - NoktaMakro - Garrett orders are drop-shipped directly from the largest metal detector distributor in the USA - with tracking provided via UPS or USPS within 24 hours of ordering. 

    Fisher - Teknetics - Bounty Hunter orders are drop-shipped directly from their warehouse in El Paso, Texas - with shipping and tracking provided via FedEx.

  • MY TOP 5 MOST ASKED QUESTIONS (all answers are simply my opinion)

    What is the best detector?  Sounds cliche, but there is no best.  Every detector can do "something" the other cannot.  You will go insane trying to justify "best" in this hobby (and look foolish doing so).  Find a detector in your budget, with good peer reviews, learn it well.  

    Do I need a waterproof detector?  Do you plan on getting wet?  Washing off your detector with a water-hose is nice sometimes...

    What is YOUR favorite detector?  The T2-LTD from Teknetics has always had a special place in my heart.

    Is single-frequency dead?  Absolutely not.  Single frequency is still preferred for gold prospecting - and even deep silver coin shooters.  Also, many single frequency modes pass those dreaded "nail tests" better than the multi-modes do.   

    Best Price-to-Performance Detector?  Hard to answer - but in my opinion the NoktaMakro Legend is the best "bang for the buck" in 2022.  Plenty to love about that one for the price. (You know who to email to get yours)

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