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  2. thanks John there was a time before the internet, where I would spend a lot of time at the county tax department going through their map collection. Those who worked there loved having me come in to look through their maps and any questions, or the right question, would get them to spend most of their work day looking for answers. Those guys from cayuga county were the first in the state to put their maps on a GIS site ... they developed the way most every county in NY's website works
  3. Links must have https:// included to work correctly. Fixed for ya.
  4. There you go folks! Fair play to you Scott, that's a good bit of really useful info. Over here, the average cost of down-loads or photo copies of pre-Victorian maps is £40/$53 U.S. Having a family member or trusted friend that works in a County Library, or Archaeological deparment must be wonderful for any committed detectorist..I had such a friend once, he was head of Worcestershire Archaeology: sadly he passed before I took up our hobby...his most spectacular metal find was a fully intact set of silver Assyrian weighing scales : hand held. He told me that they were inside a stone 'box'. He held them between finger and thumb, and they ran-out perfectly. both pans and weights were missing however. What a find!
  5. https://www.loc.gov/ ... a link to the library of congress ... they have every map of the USA, surveyed, drawn or other wise it isn't the easiest website to navigate but they are there and they are property of every US citizen ... free to use or download https://www.goldprospectors.org/ .... a link to GPAA ... worth a visit and/or membership ....not sure why they aren't linking to those site ... but, copy and paste.
  6. I like hunting tot lots. Easy to did up stuff. Great coin shooting around the swing sets. I found some of those aluminum Olympic commemorative coins that general mills was giving away in cereal back in the 90's. That was a pretty cool find.
  7. the cross roads is very intriguing, something I haven't thought of, .. pulling up the oldest accurate map of the area around me shows most roads were intersecting in 1857 ... I will be paying a bit of attention to the cross roads of that period...."nobody seems to know me, everybody passed me by." ... thanks Tim
  8. Sounds all- white where you're at my friend! Praps we'll have some in a week or three if it makes head-way across the Pond. It also sounds like if you have to march at the pace of the slowest y'all might manage 1 Klik a day! Perhaps some spring sun on their backs will 'loosen their lethargy'. Nothing worse than working with 'snails'.
  9. Using the oldest maps and manuscript is vital. Don't be shy if they cost a pretty penny. One find leads to another. In time the price will bear fruit, if you 'keep at it'. I hunt primarily on one farm. It's big enough ( for my neck of the woods ).to keep me occupied. Only myself and my 'bro' have permission there, and he lives 250 miles away. It is mentioned in the Doomsday Book as a relatively important place, so plenty of history there. Google Earth shows beaucoup movement there, too. My finds vary from real early metallurgy, through to modern 'decimal'. In U.K I've always tried to get permission as close as possible to towns and villages ending in 'bury' : Ledbury, Tewskesbury.... 'Bury' is the olde English word for 'Fort'. In Cornish, it is 'Gear' : Tregear, Polgear.....Where there's forts there's old settlements and countless 'ancient' ridge-ways, foot-paths, bridle- ways and 'cross-roads' linking them. Cross-roads were once very important locations as strategic meeting places and for holding social venues etc. That's me.
  10. ScoTTT2

    high of 23

    a few days ago we got a bit more than 18 inches of snow ... the next day went into the 40s ... since then and the last two nights well below 0 ... so a 23 degree day is going to feel nice in another note, I pull up a new job .. where I work with five other guys, three of them aged between 18 and 21 ... just have to say, if they are something to judge with, we are in for a tuff ride in the near future .. I figured my left hand did as much as two of the three and the four fingers on my right hand could have accounted for all that was done by the other guy ... but to give those guys some credit .. they may be the best at finding things that make them stop to think.
  11. I was a member of the Gold Prospectors Association of America, GPAA ... with the membership you get the ability to search for gold on their many claims .. there were none close to me, but out where you are there are many....if it's nuggets you're after that is a good place to start. I get permission everywhere I hunt, parks included .. I really don't need permission to hunt the parks, but I have it anyway...I call the Mayor of the town the park is in, not the parks department, but the mayor's office has sent me to the parks dept. in a couple of places...if the tot lot is at a school, the superintendent is the guy to ask....I also have every old map available for my area on my computer. They came from the library of congress ... the local GIS site is also on my PC, and every GIS site for neighboring counties ... the GIS may be called a Platt map in AZ, but they are available through the county office or their website....these maps have a lot of info including the landowner's name and address.....there is also Historic Map Works and Historic Aerials.com ... both free and easy to use. I beg, borrow, or buy every history book of the areas I have interest in ... also look for old post cards, maybe on ebay or pintrest ... Also if it helps any I wrote a little thing on this forum about asking permission....which sometimes leads to much more than the permission you originally asked for.
  12. Research is the most important aspect of the hobby in my opinion. Location is key as they say. Here is a video with I did on the subject a while back.
  13. How many do research before they decide whether they are going to detect a home or area to hunt gold nuggets, or areas to hunt with in a town for me when living in Ohio i rarely ever did any research other then the home my wife and I purchased in Ohio, my wife and I spent months researching our old home it was built in 1889 which I knew because of the age there was history to be found, other places I detected in Ohio like homes and creek bed areas i knew the history was there so I detected most home owners were pretty willing to allow access to detect there property but wanted to see what I found nine times out of ten they just wanted to see the items I dug up and I would tell them take what ever you want most elected to just look and would not take anything most could not believe what I dug up. I know when searching for gold the area you detect makes all the differences in the world and research is pretty much imperative so you are not hunting aimlessly,the property my wife and I owned when we moved from Ohio back to Arizona was in northern AZ and was forty acres when I researched the area we were in it was not known to have much gold ever found but all the indicators you look for when gold nugget hunting were there also meteor's never found any meteor's though but gold nuggets was a different story I did find some gold nugget's not many but few they were all very,very small I did find flower gold in some dirt and sand from the washes that ran through our property but I used a miller table and pan to do that it was fun Now because of circumstances beyond my control I am forced to start detecting tot lots so how do I go about researching areas of tot lots to detect I am not even really sure it is legal to detect in tot lots here in Arizona so how do I go about finding that out as well Thanks for reading
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  15. yes they have spiraled and not for the good in my mind, I remember when I was young getting a stick horse to play with and was happy I got that, I watched my mom and dad struggle to make ends meet, and my mom not eat because there was not enough for all of us, I think back now and I miss my mom so much, it took me years to figure out why she would do that and realize why, but it took me years to figure it out, I made a decision that it would never be that way for my family, now days a lot of parents have no know how as to teach their kids rite from wrong and that life in general is not free, they do not teach their kids if you want to get somewhere in life you have to work for those things
  16. No-one ever stood a chance of finding 'needles in haystacks' by 'over-doing things'. Some folks are just 'eye-balls out' hypos, they lack the ability to do things at a sensible pace. They usually fail to over-lap their swing pattern, too, insisting on max gain and rapid erratic swing pattern. They are prone to tantrums, and yet profess to being experts... Secret is to find 'balance' throughout, with your respective type/s of machine/s. Rule of thumb : low as it'll go, and over-lap those sweeps, as if you were paint-spraying'
  17. Glad you're pleased with the carb shaft, retractable carb shafts are the way forward; cool. Glad also that I was a 60's boy, living in a very rural hilly-billy Kernow. The countryside always has something real to offer: 24/7, so I was never bored. We didn't have a t.v in the farm cottage until '72. Pappy and Gran had one in the farm house. I was allowed to watch 'Bonanza', as a special treat. Hell, I didn't hear an English accent, for real, until '71 ! How thing have 'spiralled'.
  18. I am trying to convince him to join the forum, but you know how kids are he is into video games like his dad is, that's why I purchased the him a detector was to try to show him there is more things that are fun to do other then video games, I don't know what some of these kids would do if they grew up when I did they would be absolutely lost if they had to get up and turn a knob on a TV or had to find a phone on a street corner
  19. I'm glad it turns out to be a fit for the grandson....now he needs to put some finds on the finds page .. only a matter of time.
  20. I have a lot to learn about these new detectors after swinging my Xterra 705 for so long you had to go pretty slow with it
  21. Each detector will have its own optimal swing speed - but none of them have a "fast as can be" speed. The Teknetics T2 actually prefers a faster than normal swing speed. It will ID deeper targets much better than when swinging it slowly. XP and NoktaMakro detectors are similar. I would consider their optimal swing speed faster than "normal". Bottom line is that too slow and too fast will both equal missed targets.
  22. I watch metal detecting videos quite often and one of the things I notice is how fast some of these people swing the coil like they have a scythe in their hands I watch these people with dis belief in my mind one person I watch sometimes in particular is swinging so fast I don't know how he even gives the detector a chance to alert on targets this particular person swings a DEUS and several other detectors but the Deus is the one he swings the fastest like he is weed whacking Is it even possible to swing a detector as fast as you can swing it and still get the detector to actually see targets at all ?? I know if I was to swing as fast as I see some of these people swinging I would be so spent that I would only be able to detect for 10 minuets and that is debatable but I would be done after a vary short time and trying to catch my breath
  23. Because of how tall my grandson is i ordered him the longer middle shaft and also the lower carbon fiber shaft for his simplex plus, got them delivered today had my son bring my grandson over, but I put the two new shafts on before they got to my house, I know the carbon fiber lower shaft is a little lighter then the stock shaft but man I did not realize how much different in feel it would create wow is all i can say, I put the 11 inch coil on to check it out and it seemed to me the balance and overall feel was quite different, in a good way. With the lower carbon fiber shaft on and the 11 inch coil did not seem to be near as toe heavy as it did with the stock shaft, I don't really know that just may be me and wishful thinking but it just seems the over all balance with both coils and the new carbon fiber lower shaft seems quite good now. I also did not care for the flex the stock lower shaft had and the carbon fiber lower cured that
  24. Yup...DJ posted Dilek's live stream link. More updates causing more delays. In related news...another US based company (not Garrett) has 5 month backorders for detectors than have been released for years now. Covid and/or internal/external financial problems from material shortages seem to be the issue - from a speculation point of view.
  25. The latest news on the Legend is available for any of you guys if you're interested. I'll not spoil anything by further info.... You Tube...Dirt Diggers Uk. The Legend Delivery Update. FACTS & ANSWERS. Dilek Nokta Makro Detectors...(LP metal detecting are main U.K NM importers & retailers). I hope you find it helpful.
  26. Thanks John would never do that to anyone that has there own forum and also is a dealer because i would not want it done to me
  27. No problem with the link...just other dealer links are not allowed. All good here. Thanks for the update - watching it now.
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