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  1. It's a stupid name...let's be honest. However, if it can be "close enough" to a Nox it will sell like crazy. If by some miracle it can surpass a Nox in performance - it will be the most popular detector ever made and earn its name in short fashion. I would be shocked if it had some sort of build quality issue with NoktaMakros track record. If for some reason it did - I see them taking care of it quickly as they have some of the best customer service there is. I don't see it as a copy of the Nox as far as build, which is almost certain to be better. Buttons are like Anfibio/Kruzer...not 80's microwave flat buttons like Nox has. The modes "Field,Park,Gold" have been used by other companies (especially Chinese) long before the Nox arrived. The Deteknix Quest started the elongated housing style trend first...or it can be argued the XP Deus did. The tones are the same unfortunately...they ditched the VCO and beeps for the flute tones of the Nox. They call it polyphonic, but anybody with a music poly synth will argue otherwise. I am looking forward to the Deus 2 the most...it has me excited from its sound demo, looks, and expected performance. High price is a limiting factor for many though. If it does not trounce a Nox in performance, there is not much of a reason to own one past ergonomics - which is a tough sell alone. Like I said in the other post...I don't think we see a new FTP machine until 2023 or later. Hope I am wrong, but the Impulse AQ is still not fully released. It has been a slow painful launch in my opinion. A disaster it could be argued. I love the company and have a personal friend that works there...but that does not cloud the fact they are well behind in the race right now. I am done holding my breath for anything new anytime soon. When it finally comes it will be more of an "about time" feeling than anything else. Their tight-lipped secretive nature doesn't help. Even 1/10th of the transparency that NoktaMakro provides their customers would be something. /rant
  2. TheHunterGT

    new 12" DD

    @ScoTTT2 I have zero information on them...no data or sell sheet yet. Only official Fisher emails of 2021 have been price changes - a Gold Bug 2 refresh - and a few cuts of older items like headphones. They were supposed to send me one to check out - but I don't have an F75 on hand. @Tim Kernowek 59 My take = Not a fan of the name. I agree you earn the title of Legend. Seems the face and housing on it is a bit bigger than the Simplex...from pics anyways. I'd have been ok with the Anfibio housing for the menu alone. Impact/Kruzer/Anfibio have the best menus of any detectors in my opinion. Simplex was well built, so I don't have much concern this will be cheaply made. The buttons on it seem similar to the Anfibio/Kruzer again instead of the Simplex. The Simplex buttons were good, but could be a tough press at times. Smart move to switch back. The Deus is expensive at $1599 MAP price. If it cannot dominate a Nox in testing (and real world)...I don't see it selling well in the US. Maybe EU and UK for small hammered stuff. If the Legend can come "close enough" to a Nox...I think it sells like crazy. I personally am looking forward to the Deus 2 VERY much. I am a huge fan of their ergo and removable housings that slip in a pocket. I hope it is awesome. As far as a FTP machine in 2022...I would not hold my breath.
  3. Nice job Scott. I have yet to dig one of those nickels. Dug 3 silver war nickels - 4-5 Buffs - 4V's....but not that bastard yet. Sweet button as well...hard to date those flat ones. Guessing as old as the nickel at least.
  4. TheHunterGT


    Welcome back Gus! Good to see ya here my friend.
  5. It was a choppy mess for most. Chat was triple posting each comment as well. Not sure why they didn't just use Facebook or YouTube instead of hosting it like they did. The detector itself looked awesome - and is priced to sell. It is about $100 lower then I though they would sell for.
  6. Your questions are never bothersome or useless. It is our pleasure to help. It's a maybe with the larger coil. If it is inert soil - you will see a depth gain. Like Scott mentioned - air tests will show better results than in ground tests will with a larger coil. Often times a larger coil will have the opposite effect in bad dirt - and give you less depth due to mineral feedback. Like high beams in fog. A smaller coil can often reach deeper than a larger coil in gold claim type dirt - with a VLF anyways. He makes a good point that adding a larger coil to a F44 brings you close to F75 money - and that is far superior to the F44. Something to think about. IMO - every detectorist should have a single freq in their arsenal.
  7. Both are 7.7kHz. I think the F44 is the better buy for coil selection alone. It also has some neat features the LRP does not have such as iron audio - backlight - ability to change category tone. F44 has a slightly faster recovery speed and is built slightly better as well. LRP advantage is that is has a Vbreak if users want to run 0 disc. LRP also has and an adjustable notch from 1-20 wide that you can place anywhere on the scale. F44 is all category notch...but an effective one.
  8. Iron breaks at 40 on the G2+...so ID of 41 clear up to 77 where zinc is. Gold rings will lay in that entire range. Most in the 41-60 range. You should be looking for a stable solid ID that does not change much (if at all) as you rotate the target. Glad you got the F-Pulse sorted - always a pleasure!
  9. They can name it the Whirling Dervish for all I care...just keep the VCO and adjustable digital beeps. I do NOT want Minelab flute tones or Garrett bell tones. In defense of the Minelab tones...the low and high tones were good - it is the entire mid-tone range I dislike. That being said - the Deus 2 engineer was a genius by copying the Nox tones...and also allowing the switch to normal Deus tones.
  10. Some good detailed responses by the fellas. To sum it all up - it depends on the detector. With the Ace Apex - changing modes merely changes notch placement. No sensitivity or frequency weighing differences. With the Vanquish - you get notch changes AND freq-weight differences. So yes - if in coin mode - it will process the lower freqs more heavily and allow you to hit deeper silver. That is the theory anyways... With the Simplex - you get sensitivity changes - notch changes - tone break point changes. (No freq weighing as it is single freq) The list goes on and on and each detector will have a way of doing it. For a general rule of thumb.... Coin modes "usually" add notches above and below nickels...so screw caps and foil respectively are notched out. Freq will weigh towards the lower freqs. Jewelry modes usually give you everything but iron...some sensitivity changes for small objects may happen. Freq usually weighs towards the upper end of the scale. Relic modes usually give you the full notch and freq band...but some are similar to jewelry mode and will cancel iron. Beach modes usually allow you to ground balance to 0 (salt)...and may have sensitivity changes to help handle the wet saltwater. Freq is usually full band.
  11. TheHunterGT

    Deus II

    I'm not aware of any gaming branded types. I don't think they provide the entire soundscape and separation a gamer or audiophile person would want/need. Be perfect for a detector where it is just an single audio report - even if modulated. I could go for some high-tech glasses with a HUD that connected to the detector. That would be rad.
  12. TheHunterGT

    Deus II

    It looks pretty rad in my opinion. Their website (linked) has a neat audio feature towards the bottom where you can listen to the tones. You can make it sound like an Equinox...or the classic XP sound. Should be similar weight and ergonomics of the Deus and Orx...and have the great speed and separation. Seems to be a winner in my eyes. Price rumor is $1500 to $1800 US...which gives me pause...but I hope they sell like hotcakes. DEUS II Detectors | XP Metal Detectors
  13. Great job Scott. Hitting those off nickel numbers can be challenging as they are usually not great. Sound for sure trumps ID and finds like this prove it.
  14. I have a feeling history is not written the same for each country. Certainly the lesser facts were skewed to fit each countries narrative of "we are the best". The rest of the world snickers at the French for "waving the white flag" in battle. I will assume they find less humor in that and teach they they are tough and mighty and saved the day more than once. Nice scores on the barber and VDB. My dad busted out a full IHP and wheat book a while back - floored me as I had no clue he had them.
  15. Hmm...I am not sure why it is not letting you post. Try logging out and then back in. I'll go check the settings to see what's up. The G2+ is one of the best pure coin shooters ever in my opinion. Nothing other than a top end Minelab will lock onto a fringe depth ID as well as it will. That is very important for a coin shooter. It also has a great disc circuit and Vbreak which works very well in iron and modern trash, being a great separator. Since most coin shooters hit trashy parks - a detector with a stable ID and good aluminum work is a must. G2+/F19 platform do very well there. The only draw back for a coin shooter is depth. The top end on a silver coin is likely to be 8-9 inches. A respectable depth in my opinion...but not the foot deep stuff a Nox or Anfibio type detector can reach. If it cannot hit a 4-5 inch coin - there may be an issue - or a setting that is not right somewhere. I would try a factory reset and see if that helps at all. The V540 will for sure be deeper - especially in bad soil. That is the whole point of multi-freq, so the G2+ will never match it there. Shredded pop cans will fool just about all detectors - even a Nox 800. I would not worry about that too much. I would just stop hunting nickels when it gets frustrating, and focus on the higher numbers/tones. The F75 is a great detector. I love it - but even a Vanquish can beat it in bad soil depth and salty beach work. Technology has changed as of late. Even and G2+ will have a better ID lock that a F75. Not as deep of course, but it will bang on coins better in my opinion.
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