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  1. Since there are so many pics I decided to just place them as sharable from my Google drive. Link below opens it. Some awesome stuff there Tim. Neat history of the area. I'd love to go spend a week detecting and digging on that small attached island in the picture. Finds like that deserve to be in a museum no doubt. https://photos.app.goo.gl/8cBbanjapyyvps4CA
  2. Yeah go ahead and send them and I can upload them no problem.
  3. They just moved into a new warehouse right before covid hit. So I don't think they are downsizing. They make plenty of money from their night vision (military and civilian) and circuit board printing they do for other companies. First Texas Products - Contract Electronics Manufacturer, ECM, SMT, Circuit Manufacturing > Home (ftpcircuits.com) Night Vision Goggles, Thermal Weapon Sights, Night Vision Binoculars, Night Vision Accessories (nivisys.com) They killed the F70 when the Patriot came out a few years back. I never heard anything about killing the F19 - but it does indeed say that on the website. Perhaps the G2+ and Time Ranger Pro are selling better. Or perhaps they are making room for other F series named releases. I mean it has to happen someday right? They have been saying the new detectors will have cousins/siblings up and down the pricing scale etc... No clue on the new 12 inch coil - they were supposed to send me one like 6 months back - have not heard anything since other than a picture at a trade show. Also no clue on the T2+. Seems odd to kill it being a new package that I thought sold decently. I would personally wait on something new since you already have a Simplex. The new NoktaMakro machine should be out by years end...getting close.
  4. Thanks fellas, it was a pleasant surprise for sure. Thought it was a quarter before I dug it. @Tim Kernowek 59 Feeling a bit better. Good enough to get out and detect anyways - especially now that the heat is letting up. Planning a lake hunt in a few days. Zero shade there so I usually stay away from it in summer unless going swimming. @ScoTTT2 Yeah I am almost positive it is fertilizer. I've had Merc dimes come out looking perfect in other parks - and more than one looking like this ring with the pitting from this park. I got the ring on video so there will for sure be an Impact video coming up. Unfortunately, I was skunked the rest of the day as I was hunting a very worked area by other detectorists and myself. We all missed the ring though, proof it is never hunted out.
  5. 3 tone mode about 3 to 4 inches down. Silver usually looks a bit better - but the soil here is pretty nasty. Pretty sure it got burned by fertilizer.
  6. Neat find for sure. I have not seen one of those before. Agree the soil is bonkers tough on coins (and just plain tough to dig) here in Fresno. I plan on heading to Roeding or Fink White on Tuesday and Wednesday both...perhaps we will run into each other.
  7. I like the idea for when there might be hidden path like that. Stumbling upon an old Roman foot path would sure be nice. Oh how I wish the Native Americans over here used more metal in their workings - or had a proper coin of some sort. It would also be useful if you had a helper of some sort. They could go behind you and dig all the flags. Might be neat for the younger generation to get them interested.
  8. My pleasure. Yeah that is pretty bonkers to think about how long some of those Roman coins sit over there. I wish the Native Americans over here used metal as much as the Romans did. Although arrowheads are still a neat find. When I found the arrowhead and game piece at the lake - I stared off into the distance thinking how he or she left both it and the game piece just sitting there. Did he run off in fear - did he have an accident - did he just forget? Best part about this hobby is the wonder it brings.
  9. Hi Justin - thanks for joining the forum - I appreciate that. Pleasure talking on the phone with you today.
  10. Well - I still have my green T2 Classic - but now I have the LTD Black version that is even better lol
  11. Welcome to the forum - and thank you for joining. No clue on the story of the "why" of it. I will assume he is/was a metal detectorist but cannot be 100% sure as I have never met the guy. I have heard of a few others in the hobby who leave stuff buried where they hunt and see other detectorists. I did find this bit on a website - E.Z.Smith AKA Zen Master Stamper's Page – International Union of Mail-Artists (ning.com) Also seems to be a photography teacher at the college at one point? Google "E.Z. Smith Fresno" and a few things pop up.
  12. Thanks brother. It is much better than PHPBB...not that it was bad or anything. That would be pretty black and white theme. Might be a bit rough on the eyes. There is grey theme on the very bottom of page. Bravo 6. I will likely add a couple more eventually.
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    If you prefer a darker theme - at the very bottom of the page under the social icons - you can change it to the Bravo 6 theme. Enjoy!
  14. Thanks! It is way better then the PHPBB forum we were using. Only drawback is that PHPBB was free while I paid a ridiculous price for Invision Community setup. Will be doing work on it for a few days - then some upcoming blogs - articles - pages...etc. Can even tag people with the @ symbol...like this @Tim Kernowek 59 Not sure how it notifies just yet...but there it is.
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