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  1. Still have not had a chance to watch it...going to do so now lol
  2. Hi Virg. Great detector that found me my first Walker at about 9 inches next to an old tree. Swings like a dream - fast - deep. Good stuff. Check out my review video on it below. It is for the Teknetics Patriot....a reskinned Fisher F70. Same detector - different faceplate. I go over the notch feature towards the end of the video. You can notch out the unwanted sections and leave in nickels no problem. Just keep in mind you will be missing all that glorious trash that hides the occasional gold ring or "keeper". If that is ok with you...notch away. I notch out iron - foil - tab - zinc...and let er rip. For general coin shooting I would run speed at default - sens at 80 (dependent on EMI) - threshold at negative 3. The threshold in disc mode is silent...and acts like a secondary gain filter that can provide added depth if going into the positive sections. But it WILL allow EMI to attack, so best bet is to leave it negative 3 until you get more hours on it. Ask away if you have any other questions...always here to help.
  3. Get well soon Monte - best of luck with your health and recovery. We have a severe diabetic in our family, it is no fun at all when it rears the ugly head. Prayers to your pops Scott. Hope there is some silver lining on Thursday. Thanks Tim - no health issues this time thankfully. More of a mental break. No social media, metal detecting websites, even detecting itself. Built a home theater server - put a water cooler in my gaming PC - watched about 30 movies - ate too much junk food according to my scale - did some needed housework with speed metal blaring through the speakers for added motivation. Good times.
  4. I sell many more Deus 1 and 2 then I do Orx, which is odd as the performance in iron (and small object mid-conductors) is on par with the D1/D2 in most scenarios. Just sold my 9in version to a buddy in Colorado a few weeks back. While I don't regret it as it is going to a good home, getting another with the HF elliptical is on my to-do list. I don't particularly need the higher kHz it provides...but it sure is a dream to swing with remote in pocket.
  5. Any chance of you emailing that to me Tim?
  6. I sure wish they left 2.77 on their website. I am saving all the Legend updates in case they pass over a better one like they did with the Simplex and 2.78 (not that 2.78 is terrible). On one hand, I like updates when they work - but if it takes 6-7 attempts to get there - something needed fixing before release. Like computer OS/games/software...the customer is now the beta tester.
  7. Nice write up! Seems to be pretty spot on to most people's experience with the updates. I feel it is very close to the Equinox 800 in 95% of the categories or scenarios a person can come up with. Adjustable iron bias is needed...but beyond that...I see no reason to spend the extra $350 on a Nox 800. The Legend actually handles many aluminum screw caps better than the Nox and the Deus 2 both. I am unimpressed with the Deu2 in aluminum trash. Great with bi-metal bottle caps...but that is about it as far as modern trash benefits go. Legend will ring up twist caps as zincs that the Deus 2 and Nox will up average to silver.
  8. Sounds like a good day out Scott. I have hit some deep targets with that 13kHz platform at 50-60 gain. I want to say I have a snippet of video uploaded where I air test at sens 1 on the T2 or Patriot...perhaps during the review video. Just an air test...but it was impressive. The F70 (Patriot) is the best at it in my opinion...it has that "threshold" gate in disc mode that opens it wide up (no hum in this mode). Bonkers deep with a +9 setting and 1 sens. EMI can be trouble though. With the NoktaMakro machines...I have to run them higher at 85+ like Monte mentioned, which can introduce EMI depending on the location. A T2/F75 with DST and 50-60 sens can work EMI hot spots better than most detectors I have used.
  9. Ebay or Amazon will be you best friend for that. Shipping fees will normally be lower than what I can provide.
  10. I can agree with that Monte - however, I do hope nobody turns off my videos, but I do understand if they did!
  11. My pleasure. I appreciate that! Feel free to ask away if you ever have any more questions. Feel free to post your finds as well - plenty of server space.
  12. Hi Robert, Anfibio is a great one for sure. You can for sure run it on 3 tone stock settings. In my opinion it will be a good place to start and learn the detector. Just keep in mind for 3-tone setup - sensitivity settings of 89 or lower is fast recovery speed - 90 and above is normal. Dependent on EMI I would run it 92-93 sens and it trashy spots lower to 89 for the fast speed.
  13. Sweet! Nice gold there Joshua. Finding that will for sure keep you coming back for more. Congratulations good sir.
  14. The G2+ only accepts DD coils. The black 5x10 elliptical F5 coil is concentric. Depth and ID will likely be off, but some have used the combo anyways. The official answer is no...the underground answer is maybe.
  15. Welcome to the forum Matt! Thanks for being here - and the live stream. After a few weeks of knowing me, you will prefer silver. Look forward to your posts and finds!
  16. No clue until I get an Equinox next to it. I'll try to remember.
  17. Hi Chas! Welcome to the forum man. Thanks for registering and posting.
  18. My blood thinners cause it as well. It is no fun that is for sure - it has pissed me off more than once or twice.
  19. Looks good...might have to grab a cover for mine. The plastic NoktaMakro uses is a scratch magnet. I wish they would use gorilla glass like cell phones.
  20. I like the first set of buds you linked - 6 hour life is just about perfect. The 2nd set is only 3.5 and not quite long enough for my tastes, but would as a backup like you noted. They most likely have APTX-LL to get that low of latency...I am guessing anyways. When they link to the Legend does it show the small LL letters next to the Bluetooth symbol?
  21. That is a fantastic list of detectors there. I have always wanted to try a few Whites detectors. I used to live in Sweet Home, Oregon for about 6 months before I started the hobby. Had no clue I was so close to the factory; I would have asked for a tour. The V3i has always fascinated me. The number of settings is awesome in my opinion. I do not take trades unfortunately, being a smaller dealer, it is not something I want to venture into just yet. My ex-wife had a similar problem when I had 17 detectors at one time. But...she is the ex now...so no problem.
  22. Hi Albert - thanks for joining the forum. Great hobby to be sure, wish I was doing it back when I was younger. Legend and Deus are great detectors no doubt, but I enjoy just about any detector nowadays. Care to post a list of what you own? Looking forward to your posts and finds.
  23. My pleasure man. Thank you for not taking it out on me like some customers do. I appreciate your patience and understanding while I get it sorted. Very kind of you.
  24. lol...love the gold coloring. Good looking cover as well, might have to grab one of those.
  25. Yup - hit 88-89-88 last 3 days here as well. I am not looking forward to summer - and will likely have limited hunt videos uploaded.
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