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  1. I like hunting tot lots. Easy to did up stuff. Great coin shooting around the swing sets. I found some of those aluminum Olympic commemorative coins that general mills was giving away in cereal back in the 90's. That was a pretty cool find.
  2. If I am at a beach or park I go after coins and jewelry. When I scope out an old building site I go after coins jewelry and relics. Never gone looking for gold, of course not in the right part of the world for that. I do have a friend that goes panning in Minnesota and finds some flakes of gold. I have to say pulling up a hundred year old hatchet, or fining old brass horse harness buckles, or even some silver coins is the best feeling of the day. Really makes the experience that much better. just getting out and swinging a detector makes my day.
  3. Hello to everyone who loves this hobby. I have been into metal detecting for a while. being a fan of the Hunter GT I thought I would join his forum. I have been getting itchy already for spring to come back to Minnesota so I can get back out with my patriot and find some good stuff. already got some spots scouted out just need the thaw to hit.
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