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  1. ScoTTT2

    new 12" DD

    In the last video, I saw the coil on a T2 ... Tim, there are so many utube videos that are faked, and obviously so .. 'dug down 10 inches and pulled out a flying eagle cent...which came out in such good condition, clean like nothing I've ever pulled from the ground.. then the rest of the finds are similarly clean(ed), no years worth of stuck on dirt, etc .. surely bought and placed as to make it look like they were found.' .. I don't understand why people do that. .. except to get the pat on the back from those they've fooled.
  2. Thanks John .. I have no idea on how to date buttons, but it was at 9inches according to the pinpoint function of the T2, same as the nickel (which was a 49-50-51 tid, usually a pass by target id for me) .. I was playing in 1 tone, something I haven't given much thought to nor have I spent any time with, but I will be using this 1 tone more often ... I do hunt a lot in 1+ a totally different target response.
  3. ScoTTT2


    Welcome back Gus .. join on in, share some finds, knowledge etc.
  4. thanks Tim .. I might just give this a try. .. of the more common coins, a shield nickel has been a rather rare find for me, this being my third (one a year so far) .. even though the first "older than a Jefferson" nickel was a 1875 shield found the first few months I detected.
  5. quick hour hunt in a park I've hit a ton .. 1868 shield nickel, shield side is in poor shape .. old flat button
  6. ScoTTT2

    missed it

    the tech part has minelab in the lead .. present releases aside .. but the build quality at minelab is so hit and miss, you either hope you get a good one built on Tuesday or don't mind making friends with the guys at the repair shop .. nokta builds tanks .. so that's a trade off from the beginning .. and at least in my mind the tech needs to be close enough in performance, not actually better .. I'm guessing that a bunch of detectors are so close to the limit of physics that personal preference (brand loyalty) is mostly the better deciding factor in a purchase, followed closely by price .. I'm still trying to make the simplex into the something special it has been touted as since it's introduction, I try real hard .. and keep coming up with, "well it didn't cost a lot" .... even with the most recent developments in detector tech we are still at a point where around 90% of the goods remain in the ground ... either masked or at a depth beyond detection or both. .. which is kind of a different take on all this (in my mind) .. my great new detector can now get 10% of the goodies. .. also meaning, my great new detector only misses 90% of the goodies. .. it's a better machine because your old tech detector is missing 91% of the goodies .. simply put, maybe not exact on the percentages but close enough to be a true statement .. you won't hear any of this coming from marketing. I'm still hoping that FT is about to stun the detecting world (I was in on a conversation that has me worried) .. but right now I have my eye on the other American made company (not Garrett) .. I have put off any new purchase at least for a bit longer.
  7. ScoTTT2

    missed it

    yea...the name 'Legend' is kind of hard to be use to describe something not yet proven, best left for others to decide that moniker ... and the only place to go from there is 'Legend II' or if there is a problem then maybe 'the ledge' would become a nickname ... but for someone set on buying their first SMF machine, this seems right now to be the best bang for the buck ... as long as performance is along side the others(minelab) ... the apex sales just about ended with this release, I would guess.
  8. ScoTTT2

    new 12" DD

    rebeldigger told me they are now out for sale .. but I can't find one anywhere .. what's the scoop @theHunterGT? ...price, availability and when do we see the HunterGT break down
  9. ScoTTT2

    missed it

    the price point seems perfect if hitting the minelab guys was a consideration ... not much more than the 540 vanquish, but less than the 600 Nox ... not sure a clock, or time tracking, or even the flash light is something I would use ... I don't use the light on the simplex ... and I don't care about the similarities to the Nox, even if it worked the exact same, the build quality is so much better ... almost no one using a Nox for any length of time hasn't already spent another buck fifty fixing the build.
  10. ScoTTT2

    missed it

    I tried to watch the live opening for the "Legend" .. but for what ever reason couldn't connect to their site .. I'll be waiting on theHunterGT review.
  11. most of the questions Rich has been asking were the same ones I had just a relatively short while back .. you need to ask them in order to understand another thing I've noticed more and more is the type of fertilizer being used by the lawn pros .. it is heavily ironized .. which quickly makes the grass a deeper green-blue .. when I was a landscaper this wasn't the way it was done .. but now it is the big thing and it will be put down every year, or twice a year, depending on which package you order from the company ... this fertilizer really sounds off on the T2 and the ground balance doesn't cancel it out .. it really messes with the big coil. there are places from what I have heard, like Florida, that have a more neutral dirt .. but that is not where I hunt .. one place I think of where the big coil would be a benefit, near me, the ground is only six inches of loam over bed rock .. but it is quiet there and the T2 can be opened up comfortably .. if the soil was deep there the big coil would be able to get down deep, but it isn't .. the rest of the places I hunt it just can't be done. .. for me the bigger coil is a limited use item and the 9x5 sharpshooter coil is the better all-a-rounder, as it handles the emi and mineralized soils better, but still allows you to cover a fair bit of ground and gets down fairly deep.
  12. if it wasn't for this forum and a bit of advice a few months back, I would have sold off the 13" ultimate .. still it seldom sees any action on my machine .. there is almost no place around me where I hunt that isn't some type of machine gun report from the trash, be it modern aluminum or a bit older iron .. and the T2 is a EMI magnet, you could almost use it as a EMI meter as is ... I could see the beach guys liking the big coils and maybe some other places where there is a more neutral soil a big coil would be a benefit ... but even these places and the machines sold to hunt such places all come stock with a relatively small coil .. it would seem that if there was a noticeable benefit to a large coil the manufactures would be offering up a machine with one stock and as an option, have the smaller coils.
  13. I have four different coils for my main machine .. the stock 11", a 9.5" sharpshooter, a 5" round, and a 13" ultimate .. the 13 inch hasn't proven better depth to me in the places I hunt compared to the others .. it air tests way off the charts and indeed gives a few inches over the other coils, but sadly we don't hunt for things in the air and in real world hunting, the advantage the 13" has is that it covers more ground per swing, not that it goes deeper .. the deepest targets I've dug were when using the 11" stock coil .. the deepest treasure I've dug was when using the 5" round coil .. I have yet to hunt a place where I could use the air test depth of the 13" to any advantage. IMO...you'd be better off buying an F75 or T2, leaving it stock and fully learning it, before buying a F44 or LRP to customize (around the same money)....I wouldn't base my decision to buy a machine on how it could be customized, but rather on how it stands alone....you are not going to make a F44 into a F75 by adding a coil.
  14. Rich ... here's the video I mentioned in my previous post ... for me it was an eye opener ... he uses the Nox, which has a different TID scale than the G2+, but what he is showing here holds true to all detectors ... one thing I find that helps me dig rings is as Tim said the tone is locked on to a single number or relatively small group of numbers .. it is a solid tone, more easily discerned from other targets with a bit of practice ... and as you will see in the video, it doesn't matter what the numbers are. ... every ring is slightly different in size, shape and what it is made of, a 14K ring is a little more than half gold, but the other half could be silver or copper or nickel or a mix of different metals .. so a ring is not consistent with another ring, it is slightly different .. thus a detector will ring up a number different from another ring that is 14K, but that number won't waiver much if at all. With the Nox/vanquish iron numbers are negative and end at zero ... the G2 iron starts at zero and goes to 40 ... so everything in the positive numbers on the Nox is non ferrous where the G2 non ferrous starts at 41. they are two different scales that represent the same thing and work similarly notice the nickel/pull tab numbers only represent a few gold rings ... most of these gold rings are at a different number.
  15. Thanks Tim, but theHunterGT .. has a better understanding of this, I'm sure of that fact .. to be fair to ML, when I was looking for my first detector, the Nox was so pushed down my throat as the end all be all if you don't have this you ain't nothing detector that it kind of soured me to the company .. I do have a few hours above the coil of one a friend owns , but probably will never own one myself .. it does have some impressive abilities, as does the vanquish and every time I take the 340 out it has given me something to smile about .. but so does the T2 and even with its old tech, it is still up there with the others, which says a lot and I feel more at home running it and have never felt under machined while doing so. if indeed FT markets and makes a machine that betters it, that machine will be a force to be reckoned with. and if NM gets ride of that "ducky quack" report tone with this new SMF, here's hoping...it's not quite as annoying as the bonging of the bell tone of the Garrett ace, but pretty close. I'm hoping that NM isn't putting out a new machine that is as good as a Nox, but rather one that is "what can be done best" with SMF and is a step above. The timing of the new XP machine and it's touted abilities is also interesting to me, but even with this it gets the ability to have a Nox tone??. I have a gut feeling that we are also about to see a new Tarsacci machine in the near future and, all loyalty to FT aside, that one may well be the future of metal detectors.
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