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  1. some real nice finds there .. what a difference a few waves can make
  2. ScoTTT2


    Welcome Justin .. I hope you join in and share your finds and/or questions/observations .. quite humbling Tim, now I'll have to live up to that moniker
  3. Agree with Tim, nice new look to the forum .. Twice in my life, about 25 years apart, I down sized my possessions, a little more drastic than what you are doing though, Tim .. I took a few changes of clothes and left or gave away everything else I owned .. my brothers thought it to be crazy .. as one is a 'hoarder in the making' and another still owns everything he ever owned .. but both times I found myself where I felt like there was no other way and I was in the wrong place, by removing myself from everything I owned it turned out to be the best most refreshing thing I could have done. Both instances prove to be the right choice or a cunning plan, even though there are times I have needed to rebuy something I once had owned and some of those things aren't made like they once were. redirecting one's life is usually a good choice, be it small change or a total makeover. it's the noticing that things need to head in a different direction which makes the distinction between a cunning plan or (monetary) lapse of reason. When my niece and nephews were young, for their Christmas present from their uncle, I would buy each a U.S. mint set, along with a ton of candy (to piss off my brothers and sisters-in-law) .. turns out that a couple of those mint sets have increased in value nicely .. asking if any of them still had those in their possession, they informed me all were broken up and spent on soda or the like, long ago .. or they don't remember where they landed .. the thought was there though, but as children all they saw was a extra shiny 91 cents.
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