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  1. poor Haystacks, so misunderstood ... with all the great riches he has found
  2. Sorry to hear of your health issues, Monte, and will add you to those I say a prayer for ... my Dad has been going through some health-related issues the past few weeks, in which there doesn't look to be a good outcome, no matter what road we head down ... will know more on Thursday ... but you, get well soon coin and jewelry hunt aint all that bad of a gig
  3. there is a new video out on utube from a big gathering in the southeast and at the seeded hunt portion of this video, one guy looks like he's running a 5K, you couldn't call his swing a zig zag as there were at least two steps between each swing and he swung in a banana arch, so that his coil only hit the ground for a very short distance before it was headed back up in the air and that hit was only once every five feet or so ... if his detector was a dog it would be some sort of hyper terrier breed and rather large so as to pull him along ... in this video, this portion was sped up a bit, which adds to the comic enjoyment of this guy's performance ... could he hunt a site with any accuracy ? ... even questioning this, his coil probably fell to earth over the exact resting place of a high relief 1921 peace dollar, once ... and with all the coil control I concentrate on while hunting, I will never pass over one. it was a HunterGT video that taught me the proper swing speed and how to find that speed on my machine, which made a tremendous difference in my finds pouch ... the perfect swing speed also differs with which coil I have on the T2 ... when I put on the 5inch round I need to be real conscious to slow down a bit and pay more attention to the coil, as I tend to want to cover the same amount of ground as I would with a bigger coil ... which is more so , am I out for a walk or looking for targets, type of thinking ... than actual swing speed/coil control, but they are related.
  4. Thanks guys ... first off, thanks Monte for joining the forum, your knowledge and insight of metal detecting are very much respected in my book I maybe should have said I was using the sharp shooter coil (my favorite coil for the T2) ... I spent most of last season hunting/learning the all-metal side of the T2, where I ran the sensitivity as high as possible as conditions dictated ... I had a pretty good year but also dug more than my share of pretty square nails ... the area where I live wasn't settled until the last decade of the 18th century, so I guess when I think my best bet of a 1700s coin would be as deep as metal is in this area or an hour or more to my east ... but for my first real hunt of the year, I choose to hit one of the "clad fields" close by, there are a few places where there isn't much history but are used now, mostly since the 70s and are loaded with modern change and modern trash sometimes when park hunting I'll go right along the chain link fences with the T2 you need to turn the sense way down sometimes 10 or even less ... I never thought to see how low I could go with the sense and still be finding things, I might try that.
  5. got out last Friday for the first real amount of time this year ... trying to beat the rain, which never came, but as snow later towards the evening ... don't like NY's weather, wait a few minutes ... going to be 85 today with snow coming on Wednesday ... anyway I hit one of my clad fields and turned the T2 down a bit ... running it at 50/40/1tone, one of my favorite settings when working parks for clad and rings ... super quiet but still able to hit some 8-inch-deep targets (according to the pinpoint function) ... and I was thinking to myself, how many other detectors can be effectively run at 1/2 sensitivity and/or how many other detectorists hunt that way ... but either way it sure was an enjoyable, a no brainer type of hunt ... compared to the bombardment of running all metal, looking for those deep targets ... one thing I noticed was an increase in the amount of fresh drops compared to the past few years of the covid shut downs ... ended the hunt with a bit over $17 in clad and copper pennies and a 925 small hoop ear ring ... only one metal detecting goal for this year 2022, a coin from the 1700s also, I bought a new PC ... so the pictures won't be up or back up until I switch everything over to this new one.
  6. Nice review and good to hear that the Legend is preforming for you like you had hoped it would, and also nice to see where NM has been working to make it what they said it was going to be ... one thing I was going to ask you is, how is the fit? does the shaft get to where it needs to be so you can comfortably swing? ...waiting on some finds pics. That is a tuff card to be delt with your wife ... sure puts it into perspective dealing with my wife when she has a cold ... my hat's off to you.
  7. the 10x5 DD F5 coil does fit the F19 which as far as I know is exactly the same as the G2 excepting the shaft connection of the unit and the plastics of the name plate. Though I'm not 100% sure of this, I would guess the coil would work just fine as long as the pins line up ... with that, please don't fry your G2 on my best guess ... also here's some reading about this subject, from another forum ... I chose to copy and paste this and not a direct link .... www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/12252-f19g2gbtrp-coil-compatibility-conundrum/
  8. welcome to the forum Matt ... relax and enjoy
  9. welcome to the forum Albert .. I spent a stint in New Braunfels .. winters are nice, but it heats up quickly .. but the music in Gruene was pretty cool, same as the BBQ
  10. all old Haystacks can be viewed as is a joker .. his videos, as well as his persona, can only be taken as humorous and laughed at, if that is his intentions or not, still that is all one can do. ... I wish I had the time and wherewithal to do a spoof video or two based on what he is doing
  11. nice looking personalization .. hoping that brings you some gold goodies.
  12. ScoTTT2


    nice to have you back on .. the ground has been open here for a little over a week, awoke today covered with snow again
  13. ScoTTT2

    2nd hunt

    yes .. there is a guy that has found two different gold rings in northern Eu .. both from the 16th century .. both exquisite works .. but for the most part here in the US, the thing that make most gold jewelry is the stones, the actual gold in the rings is for the most part plainly formed .. but there are places in the south west where some truly great gold works have been found .. John is located in a place where the chances are better of such a find than where I am located .. also some of the finds from the treasure coast are great gold works, though they were most likely made in the south west and lost by the Spaniards on their return trip to the old world.
  14. I've never had a problem at the forum .. so far so good
  15. ScoTTT2

    2nd hunt

    2nd ring .. this one .925, first silver of 2022, thought it was going to be a quarter ... a bit in clad ... notice what we do to the '77 pennies here, flatten and deface them (not really sure of the date on that but it sounded good) ... that little pin front sure looked gold in the hole, but just plating ... ring #108 LTT ... the hunt was rained out today.
  16. I don't feel as bad now still under $5 a gallon .. over double the price of last year ... for sure the broken horse shoe was from a horse, it still had part of a nail in it
  17. got to 75 degrees today, which thawed the ground .. sunny and nice after a long stretch of cold and snowy ground .. so I got a bit more than an hour after work to hit the local four corner park .. not a whole lot to show for it .. but I did manage to dig a ring (gold plated), and a old button and a wee bit of clad ... also not picture was a broken horse shoe, probably hasn't been a horse in that park for over a hundred years ... nice to be back at it, but with gas prices the way they are I'll be a bit choosey on hunting this year. ... ring#107 LTT
  18. No doubt she has a tuff job .. easy to see how a position like that would take its toll on anyone willing to keep it. ... to be fair, and giving the benefit of the doubt, after working for a few weeks with three young men of 21 years or younger ... they just don't know ... many are plain ignorant to proper manners and mannerisms ... many things that I take for granted and really don't need a thought process to accomplish .. these guys are at a complete loss ... respect is no longer anything more than something to give some rapper that might beat you up (so I've become a rapper) ... respect is not something to give the average person, even if it is well deserved ... all their thoughts come from a phone hooked up to the interweb ... I've had to learn an almost new language to teach these kids things I take for granted ... I have given up on teaching them math ... on the other hand, if the covid pandemic has shown me anything, a lot of people just plain suck ... and maybe social media distancing should become a common practice ....along with some people that should always wear a mask, not to prevent the spread of anything other than ugly
  19. Welcome to the forum Gregg ... I've always wanted to go see the Horicon Marsh ... settle in here and enjoy.
  20. Good deal ... I love mine, it is the machine I use the most ... hope yours gives you many great finds.
  21. welcome to the forum .. I have family in Burris, La
  22. ScoTTT2

    Evil Humor

    and now there's Iffy Signals newest video on how well his Legend headset pairs with his Nox ... I almost spit some coffee through my nose on that one ... order me up some popcorn. there was a time not to long ago when we could all laugh together about anything and everything ... want to end all wars?, make things funny again and eventually those serious folk will leave their safe places to see what everyone is laughing at and just maybe they'll join in the fun.
  23. ScoTTT2

    Evil Humor

    Andy S is working on a rebuttal video as we speak ... purely genius, my hat's off to you.
  24. ScoTTT2

    Evil Humor

    I woke up laughing and had to go read the comment section on theHunterGT's latest video ... exactly as I thought ... now my beloved Nox .. . and my still waiting for D2 and Legend ... aren't the machines I really need to be King of the park, I know somewhere there is a dime just out of reach ... you didn't even test the ace 250 ... you evil bastard ... I will always feel inferior, rightfully so, with all those other detectorists driving by and pointing at me and laughing.
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