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  1. Fair play to the fighting spirit of the Turk. They took on the might of the British Empire and her Commonwealth fighting men at Gallipoli between the years 1916-17, and inflicted grievous losses upon them..... The excellent ballad, " Waltzing Matilda" by The Pogues, bears testimony to the fact...Now in 2021, Dilek rIses in defence of herself and the Turkish Enterprise that she represents. Praps check out YT..... new info on THE LEGEND's release/UP-DATE -THE NOKTA POINTER/Nokta Makro Nov23/21. Dirt Diggers UK....What a woman! 'Straight from the shoulder' response...The fighting Irish and the Turk have changed little! I rather fancy they never will.
  2. .....baffles me Scott. a year or two backalong, a guy over here 'found' an Iron Age bronze socketed spear-point. An absolute beauty....His YT video shows him getting a long, sweet signal on his CTX, digging down no more than six inches in pasture, and pulling out the pristine grade ancient arfefact, with lots of loud repetitive, "Oh my God's!", and hugely shaking hands..A few days later he 'found' a hoard of scattered immaculate silver hammered coins, and a gold Noble in with them! Again with his CTX, again no deeper than six or seven inches max...more " OMG's and tremens.......his hauls continue to 'impress'...I'm not saying everyone reacts the same for one second, however I will say that when I found that early Bronze Age flat axe-head; flat mind you, not on edge of vertical, it was down a good 14"'s. I too, was hunting on pasture permission, using AM....When I eventually got to it, and saw what it was, I literally sat down hard, looked away, looked back into the hole, and looked around again to see if anyone was about before prising it up. I was on both knees, with my butt on my heels. My hands didn't shake: I was simply 'gob-smacked' speechless, as I gently lifted it out. I just put it down on the grass and looked at it for a good while before wrapping it in grass and putting it in a big coat pocket, quietly, before ever so carefully back-filling the hole and fluffing the grass up after...I remember my mouth being very dry indeed, and me having to drink several flask-tops of tea. Only then did I notice a slight shake of my fingers... I took it home and said Nothing to anyone. Two weeks went by at least, before I phoned Graeme Rushton at Unearthed Uk ( a home based metal detector dealer, and long time hunter) for his advice. I sent him photos of it, and he verified it. I also sent photos to John and one other person. I was allowed to keep it as the British Museum's portable antiquities department said I could. They have numerous same -type axe-heads already, thank goodness!....inside I was doing the 'Cornish Jig' and singing out loud, but never once did I do a pantomime act for all to see and hear. As I remarked earlier Scott,, we all of us are individuals, we all react in our own ways to things, however, as my beautiful Mum used to impress upon me; quote: " People generally know where they stand with thieves, Timothy..... Nobody knows where they are with a liar"... Praps if John reads this and still has those photos he might post them up...As far as I remember they haven't been on the forum.
  3. Cheers John. Your views are always well received my friend. I rely on you more than you know.. Trust in a person's word is priceless, especially when that person knows a lot more on a specific subject than I do.. For me, it helps to makes me wiser, quicker..... So many pretentious twots over here will 'flock' and go buy a D2 just for BS. To 'keep in with the in mass- crowd rallyists' that they go out with': and to attempt promote themselves as 'Really serious metal detectorists'....that find next to nothing of any great value .. I've had to sell hammered coins etc, to invest in Iron age gold coins, because unless I hit on an Iron Age site ( in my dreams ), I'm never going to get to own or invest in them...I'm honest about what I find, and what I cannot.. Many people over here 'discover' gold staters/sovereigns/nobles etc,with their hugely priced machines....because they tell lies, buy them in, and pretend to find them just to justify the expense of their machines, and groom their weird egos. The men and women that've made most of the U.K's top finds hunt alone; rarely in pairs. They do not run with the flock...." There's nowt as strange as folk"
  4. Your evaluation of the Legend will be very interesting indeed John, especially in the outdoor scenarios.. i hope FT surprise us sooner rather than too much later. I'd need to have a permission that held extensive Iron Age activity in millenia gone to make me need to shell out on either a Deus 2, or a CTX. one good Stater would pay for the machine: more would put me in good profit...Those machines are Serious tools..I don't see, hypothetically, the need for a Holland and Holland Safari Rifle, when a really good Colt or S&W Long Gun will suffice. I'd be afraid of dropping it and putting an unsightly gouge in it's livery, so to speak. I so hope that you remain brutal in your assessment of the Leg end. As you say, IF it can come up to scratch with Nox performance it'll be a tool. BuilD quality is a given I reckon. Also great if the control buttons equal a Fib or Impact for sheer industrial grade class.
  5. Well done Scott. A 1868'er is a real cool find. I 'spect you will already know, but with some coins that seem 'crusty' letting them soak in virgin olive oil for a few months can sometimes help. In the past I've dug copper coins from the early 1700's......... that looked 'less than impressive' ( Roman 'grots', too), but after six months or more submerged in virgin olive oil, and using a 'fibre coin pencil'. e...ver so gently, they've been significantly enhanced. After a gentle clean with the pencil, and a wash-off in warm de-ionised water, I let them dry in a place out of the direct sun. Once dry I give them a coat of Treborius Coin Wax. Many's the time I've been well surprised by some of the results: " Faces come out of the rain".... Even crusty cupro-nickle sixpences and florins etc have come out fine. If you can't find any virgins, then refined olive oil will do
  6. Hi Gus, I've 'seen' you on John's live stream in the 'live-chat' at times, but as I'm over t'other side of the Pond, it's too late/early in the morn for me. There's quite a few things on here for you to catch up on and have a look at, including some finds from over here in the mid-lands of the U.K, plus some pics from my people's Cornish Museum, as well as lots of U.S finds that I find really interesting indeed.
  7. Yep, I go with most of your observations Scott. minelab has the SMF pedigree for sure, and Nokta Makro do build strong tools that perform very well indeed. I stupidly wandered off at a tangent on my reply to you on your 'New Coil' topic..... A lot of the time the pain I suffer 'clouds me out' to some extent, and I have to type my thoughts 'there and then', or fore-go them. I have my morphine meds down to a bare minimum now, at last, as at one time I did not. I'm clear of my addiction to it, and I now control IT, however it is difficult for me to concentrate because although I have won my battle with the drug, I lose out to pain and the fatigue that comes with reduced amounts of it, especially as the day wears on. Not a whinge my friend,just a bloody pain . If you check out my reply on the 'New Coil' topic end I explain a bit better why I'd prefer Nokta Makro to have followed a slightly different 'take'. It's only my opinions, and as such they are irrelevant in as much as the 'Legend' is a finished article. This forum is so good because I can speak freely without my opinions causing a furore. Like you, I hope FT 'nail it' with their SMF, however it is their new 'flag-ship' Single Frequency metal detector that I'm particularly interested in... A very fine SMF would be a 'treat' for me, however my criteria for buying one must really impress me. That's why I hope FT meet them. It's not 'brand loyalty' as such, simply what meets my needs, and FT machines really do.... A ruined shoulder and more especially my ruined fingers make FT a more sensible option operator friendly wise, apart from the obvious facts regarding their most excellent machines. ....I sure miss those lovely hot summer suns! Times past I longed for autumn and winter!
  8. Fair play Scott, 'The Ledge'. That tickled me. Aye, a 'short walk off a long drop', if it doesn't out-perform the 800 for actual finding ability...far more depth, being to overwhelming issue for most...I replied to your post re: the new FT 12DD, and added a wee bit on the Legend ,too. To be brutally honest the Simplex housing puts me off from the get-go, my friend......I also firmly believe that FT will bring out the better machine. FT have the pedigree, they have engineers 'par excellence', and they have a record of setting bench marks for others to wince about. FT don't 'spout off', they simply get on with things in their own fashion and invariably deliver superb tools...Scrimping here and there to out-do competitors sales pitches, "ain't their way," in my op. I'd rather pay extra for top quality every time, if possible.
  9. Aye. For £900, the Nox 800 build quality is....a couple of really rude words. Glad I didn't run with the flock. Yeh... The, "Rush out and buy me in a hurry", Equinox 800..."Flockin' Pooey", for the munny?
  10. I had a try to see if the new FT 12"DD was on sale yet, but nothing doing this side of the Pond..... Mind you, by the time they hit the U.K it'll be 2023/4! ..It certainly seems to 'tick some boxes' though. I so hope that FT bring out their new SF machine along with their SMF, and not months afterwards...I firmly believe that the FT machines will be the dog's ########. That Nokta SMF in the Simplex housing?? For me? Nah.... it'd be more user friendly in a Anfibio/Impact... housing, not to mention aesthetically more pleasing, especially for it's 'Flag-ship' branding!...The Fibs and Impact's control boxes exude that, 'Flag-ship/Professional Grade lay-out, in my op.. John really complimented the Anfibio/Impact qualities of positive control button operation, as well as their control panel lay-outs, in his comprehensive reviews of them, respectively. He emphasised his pleasure when using the buttons in particular, but I don't recall him being As complimentary with the Simplex control layout or it's soft-feel control buttons etc. I suffer a wee bit with 'white-finger', from years of gruntin' on Holman Silver 303's etc ; I've tried my 'bro' Paul's Simplex and wasn't impressed with the compressed button lay-out or the spongy-soft contact 'feel' of the buttons...yuk. The Anfibio buttons 'engage' a lot better; are more 'meaty', if you will; more of a positive, 'industrial strength/quality' of action.....You and John'll define what I mean better...Sometimes my explanations can be as clumsy as my fingers. A Deus would be a waste of money and is a non-starter for me ( fiddly squint-eye thangs)... As far as it's, Nokta/Makro, 'Legend' tag?.... Bit presumptious?..'aggressive' even? Mind you, the Turk goes down in history as 'less than cuddly' generally speaking ..The F75 and the T2 are Legends. They've earned the tag the hard-yards way. They are also a doddle to operate; again, in my op... What's your take fellas?
  11. Same for me Scott. I did manage to get onto the chat line, and I left a message for Dilek to get a Legend sent to 'The Legend', that is THGT ( The Hunter GT), so that he can review it, and hence help boost their sales. My message successfully sent. Dilek was having trouble with her sound via her mic. I watched the launch on YT : 'Nokta Makro Live Launch The Legend'..Treasure Terrain. The two price options are superb, I will say.
  12. Yep Rich, I agree with both Scott and John. From what I've seen and heard your soil types aren't really suited to the bigger coil types, especially in gold and other precious mineral bearing areas. As I said, the soil type that I hunt in in my particular location is good for my big coil but if I tried using it in Cornwall, where I hail from, it's use as far as extra depth would be negated. Cornwall is extremely rich in precious metals ( not gold I hasten to add ), so the soil types are heavily mineralised there for the larger part. Copper coinage from as late as the 20th century are can often come up 'pickled' from soil conditions there, whereas in the areas that I hunt up in England the copper coins from the early 18th century, although well 'weathered' ( smoothed), tend to be in a good state of repair. Even Roman coppers and bronzes are really good in my area, all things considered. In retrospect I wish that I'd been more specific previously whilst lauding the advantages of my Cors Cannon...I failed to consider differing soil types...Dumb-ass me. Apologies fellas.
  13. Very true words Scott. How a machine in it's stock format performs is vitally important...Bigger DD's are for different courses. Very thoroughly tested, my Cors Cannon gives my 75 more depth than the stock 7x11, in pasture, in mid to low mineralisation, low ferrous/non ferrous trash concentrations. I'm glad that it does, considering it's $228 price tag over five years ago, and I do a lot of my hunting over established grass leys. Other than that the 5x10 and 7x11's are the better types, if they were not then manufacturers wouldn't sell many them as standard, in my op.
  14. Hi Rich, I think that it is excellent that you are keen to gain knowledge. It's "Bang On!", especially as you are using the forum in order to do so. John is definitely the 'Go to man' for information regarding the various machines as he has vast 'hands-on' with the majority of them, especially FT machines. I myself learn an awful lot from this forum, and any useful interesting knowledge is easy to remember. I like your siding toward finding a really good SF ( single frequency) to run along with a SMF ( simultaneous multi-frequency). So many 'experts', and more especially sellers of SMF's say that the SMF's make SF archaic; obsolete, even. Junk talk. FT for one, would cease production of SF machines in an instant, not bring out an another high-end one, with it's new coil design, in the near future...Again Rich, keep things 'simple yet very good', don't be a 'sheep' or a 'perceived obsolecence junkie', and BE PATIENT. NM ( Nokta Makro), are about to release their first SMF very soon. Fantastic, Great. YEEEE-friken HAAA!!! It's definitely what's needed to 'rattle the roost! I'm really keen to see how it goes; but will I buy one straight away, simply because it's there? You betcha I won't. I'll sit back, wait, and then see how it stacks up against FT's SMF when it comes out. Only then, will I make my decision and go buy my first SMF machine. Let others rush out and buy, let them do the hard yards, let them say, if only to themselves, " I wish I'd waited, that ......SMF is better than the one I tore off to the shops to buy".... Thankfully, for industry and commerce, there is a vast over-whelming nucleus of people that do not share my take on the matter... The coins and artefacts ain't going anywhere soon, most of the very best ones are only discovered when that tiny 'sweet-spot' on the search coil nicks them, and there's countless billions of 'em out there!....I hope
  15. BANG ON!. Good on you for up-loading this video of a SMF at work on gold Scott...Top man... Makes me wish I had a big old pile of gold rings so's I could run them across Delta Pitch in JE , and also on my G2+ for the craic. Sadly my haul of gold is hugely limited! Good job for me that most all thin sectioned small to medium size ( 1/4" to 1 1/4" ) silver hammered coins that I come across from time to time almost exclusively sound so similarly 'tight' and 'rich' tonal wise. in DP, with only the occaisional 'high-flyer'. Key is, dig those 'rich' mid-tones. They'll be there after your vdi is down and gone Rich. High tones speak for themselves, and they're another story!
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