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  1. Thank you Scott. Yesterday; Wednesday 15th, I purchased two more coins, another Dobonnic coin ( an extremely rare gold quarter stater in VF condition), and a Charles 1st Crown in outstanding condition. Apparently the image of the King on horse-back, brandishing his sword is almost always very badly rubbed out, sometimes to the point of complete removal through wear. I simply couldn't pass up the Crown as an investment. My friend the numistmatist gave me excellent prices on both. Now that I've gone with my plan I'm glad that I 'grabbed the bull by the horns'. I slept on the decision to buy the Crown as I had no intention of buying anything but Celtic coins. Now I must wait patiently for a really good stater to come my way. So glad that I have a friend that deals in rare coins and tokens! Damn lucky there, which makes a pleasant change. I hope that you and anyone else that sees these latest additions will find them interesting if John is good enough once more to up-load the pictures of them. I've included a U.S Dime for scale.
  2. Welcome to the forum, and thank you for some great content. I've not heard of this happening over this side of the Big Pond, but that's not to say it hasn't. I once buried some, dozen or so, goldie- coloured tin foil chocolate coins in a meadow for a night-hawker to 'enjoy' digging up. He'd been trying his hand on a permission of mine during the dark hours. I'd beaten the meadow to death previously, and I'd recorded the buried signal values of the candy coins for reference before plantin them. A polite way of letting the night-hawker understand that his prescence had been noted, and that it was 'un-welcome'.
  3. Thank you John. Fantastic level of picture quality. That little fibula brooch part 'speaks down the ages', so too the Roman coin. To sit and ponder the history that has passed by these two items is quite sobering for me, in a way. Some little Roman child once played happily in the meadow that held their prescence so secret for almost two thousand years, maybe one of his or her parents bent down to try and find their childs' lost brooch, and a coin slipped from a pocket to join the brooch in hiding, until an American F 75 muscle machine swung by a Cornish exile in 'mother' England found them once more.
  4. Hello Justin, from me in very rural Herefordshire U.K. It's great to have you join this forum. John really works very hard to give us excellence, so I reckon that you have 'dropped on on good'un' here. Meeting John and Scott through this forum, as well as on John's YT channels has been a pleasure. I prefer to limit myself to a very select number of friends, and in John and Scott I know that I have two of the best. No BS, good men. Nuf sed....
  5. Fair play to you Scott. Sometimes we simply have to follow that 'Alpha-Jerk' moments, as I heard the late, great, James Marshall Hendrix refer to such similar things in life. I'm still coming to grips with my plan. Today I bought another stater which I will collect on Wednesday 15th of this month. I shall ask my daughter or my son-in-law to photograph it and sent it to my e mail address for posting on. I'm a wee bit slow on figuring our how to get to read replies to my posts here on the 'new-look' forum. I wiill get better at it. Parcel on way to yu. Take care my friend. Cheers and gone.....
  6. Brilliant 'New Look' forum John! Class.
  7. Here are three very recent finds from my best permission, my 'Swingdom', as I call it. They are from 27th August '21, and came from a five acre meadow on oil-seed rape stalks using my '75 with a MGC 9.5x5" DD search coil. I hope that you like them. A very small Roman persons fibula brooch, a 1877 Victoria six-pence, and a as yet un-researcged Roman sesturtius, or dupondius coin. I have asked John if he will up-load them, as I do not use a 'smart-phone' Happy Hunting All.
  8. Amazing improvements to the forum John, relly outstanding. The photos of the coins really does them full justice. Top drawer!
  9. It is too late to turn back the clock; always will be, so I've called time; on my collection of best coins and choicest artefacts and my back-up long gun; they're, "Gone on", as we older Cornish say! Finds that go back to 2009, and an immaculate 22 with quality optics, spare mags, a can, and a gun-smiths written seal of condition and approval. I only need one gun, not that I hunt anymore, I was done with killing at 40 and prefer conservation. People that continue to kill after a certain age, unless for survival or control have something 'amiss' in their psyche I reckon. To kill for trophy or 'sport' never 'ran my engine'; it is wanton and cruel (imho). Anyway, I got the very best prices for 'the lot', and am now left with a seriously depleted collection, and some redundant coin cases and other lockables, and just my old popper and it's fittings! With the funds I have decided to invest in a copy of 'ABC' ( Ancient British Coins £75; the ABC 'Bible') and a all-new book of, Spinks, Coins of England 2021 ( all coins and all their respective values) and starting to purchase the best quality, that I can afford, Iron Age Celtic gold staters and Iron Age Celticsilver units. I've enough to buy 6 gold staters after my 'weigh-in', and by careful saving which I do anyway; I do not smoke or drink alcohol, plus a SIPS (Ship- Building Industries Pension Scheme) that is going to start paying out monthly from October 1st, I shall buy more coins in my time going forward. Plan is to form a collection of these coins to leave to my Grand-Children when I eventually 'Go West with the Setting Sun'. My old collection, nice as I thought it was, would never hold or increase in value; not like ancient rare Iron Age Celtic gold and silver coins will, by a long-mile. Sovereigns, unless rare ones, are simply Bullion, but staters and silver units are the better investment for me personally. An old friend that lives a mere 15 miles away is a long-time numistmatist and professional buyer and seller of rare coins and tokens...the plot thickens.....My friend is honest and trustworthy, is skilled at his profession so will 'find' for me to buy solely from him; it's the ''Who you know' that you know matters a lot of the time with business. ...That's it.... BTW I've sent John photos of my first ever Iron Age gold stater, along with photos of the smallest gold coin ever minted in the British Isles, a 1/8th sovereign of 24 carats,made to commemorate Queen Liz the 2nds 95th birthday in 2021, ( one of only 5,000 such tiny gold coins, and done).... I've included a modern 20 pence coin for scale, it is just shy of 13/16ths" at its widest points ( 20mm ). I hope you like the coins, and think my 'cunning plan' cunning, not mental! This deed has given me a real good fresh incentive to really hunt my 'Swingdom' for more stuff, which is really refreshing altogether.
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