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  1. There you go folks! Fair play to you Scott, that's a good bit of really useful info. Over here, the average cost of down-loads or photo copies of pre-Victorian maps is £40/$53 U.S. Having a family member or trusted friend that works in a County Library, or Archaeological deparment must be wonderful for any committed detectorist..I had such a friend once, he was head of Worcestershire Archaeology: sadly he passed before I took up our hobby...his most spectacular metal find was a fully intact set of silver Assyrian weighing scales : hand held. He told me that they were inside a stone 'box'. He held them between finger and thumb, and they ran-out perfectly. both pans and weights were missing however. What a find!
  2. Sounds all- white where you're at my friend! Praps we'll have some in a week or three if it makes head-way across the Pond. It also sounds like if you have to march at the pace of the slowest y'all might manage 1 Klik a day! Perhaps some spring sun on their backs will 'loosen their lethargy'. Nothing worse than working with 'snails'.
  3. Using the oldest maps and manuscript is vital. Don't be shy if they cost a pretty penny. One find leads to another. In time the price will bear fruit, if you 'keep at it'. I hunt primarily on one farm. It's big enough ( for my neck of the woods ).to keep me occupied. Only myself and my 'bro' have permission there, and he lives 250 miles away. It is mentioned in the Doomsday Book as a relatively important place, so plenty of history there. Google Earth shows beaucoup movement there, too. My finds vary from real early metallurgy, through to modern 'decimal'. In U.K I've always tried to get permission as close as possible to towns and villages ending in 'bury' : Ledbury, Tewskesbury.... 'Bury' is the olde English word for 'Fort'. In Cornish, it is 'Gear' : Tregear, Polgear.....Where there's forts there's old settlements and countless 'ancient' ridge-ways, foot-paths, bridle- ways and 'cross-roads' linking them. Cross-roads were once very important locations as strategic meeting places and for holding social venues etc. That's me.
  4. No-one ever stood a chance of finding 'needles in haystacks' by 'over-doing things'. Some folks are just 'eye-balls out' hypos, they lack the ability to do things at a sensible pace. They usually fail to over-lap their swing pattern, too, insisting on max gain and rapid erratic swing pattern. They are prone to tantrums, and yet profess to being experts... Secret is to find 'balance' throughout, with your respective type/s of machine/s. Rule of thumb : low as it'll go, and over-lap those sweeps, as if you were paint-spraying'
  5. Glad you're pleased with the carb shaft, retractable carb shafts are the way forward; cool. Glad also that I was a 60's boy, living in a very rural hilly-billy Kernow. The countryside always has something real to offer: 24/7, so I was never bored. We didn't have a t.v in the farm cottage until '72. Pappy and Gran had one in the farm house. I was allowed to watch 'Bonanza', as a special treat. Hell, I didn't hear an English accent, for real, until '71 ! How thing have 'spiralled'.
  6. The latest news on the Legend is available for any of you guys if you're interested. I'll not spoil anything by further info.... You Tube...Dirt Diggers Uk. The Legend Delivery Update. FACTS & ANSWERS. Dilek Nokta Makro Detectors...(LP metal detecting are main U.K NM importers & retailers). I hope you find it helpful.
  7. Excellent! it's always cool to hear that our hobby is appealing to the youth, rather than us crew. also very cool when this involves family and close good friends, too. Your grandson has a great Grandfather in you, one that can show him there's a great outdoors full of great history just waiting to be un-earthed. From what i hear, the Simplex/5x9.5 DD combo is the 'way to go', and there's always the 11"DD for open pasture/park hunting! Bang on Dj.
  8. If your PP is new and under warranty : back it goes, and refund; no 'ifs' or 'buts' from seller, that may get the ball rolling at retailer end. In U.K we have a Financial Ombudsman' office that is there for tardy retailers etc. One mention of the word, "Ombudsman" always gets a result. The F O's office never 'hangs about', hanging out a rip-off merchant to the proverbial barn door to dry....They are excellent at their job, i will say...Perhaps you have an Ombudsman's office, or equivalent on your side of the Pond, if needs be?....Try NM, as John says, on Monday, and Keep on trying until you get them to respond. Obviously e mail them, too. Also, try to find the main importer for NM into the U.S. If all goes well, great. If not don't give up. Go for broke Dj. If you Do get no-where, for whatever reason/s, in future it might be worth actually driving to your nearest metal detector shop, with your Grandson's Simplex and get them to pair the set-up for you. Perhaps take your Grandson with you, and if either of you own a 'smart' phone, maybe film the dealer setting up the MD/HP/PP union for your personal reference. If they don't know how to, do not use them again. They " ain't worth their salt ", because I firmly believe that all established main dealerships that holds stock, and sells it 'over their counter', should be 'au fait' with such issues. Here in U.K, for example, 'Regtons' , the sole XP importer provide all such services 'in-house'. Chons da, Dj. Let us know how you get on.
  9. Unfortunately I do not own a Simplex, nor a Pulse-Dive PP. The only thing/ idea that I can come up with is, is there a frequency adjust setting option on the Pulse=Dive PP. If so, try running through it with all units turned on, on full. The First Texas F Pulse/Tek-Point PPs have this frequency adjust feature, so praps your NM PP has, also? There is frequency adjust on Simplex, too, as far as I'm aware. No doubt it's a wee thing that is causing them not to 'wed'. The Simplex machine and head-phones will have passed quality control operation before sale, so too, the PP. I wish that I could give you a definitive answer Dj.
  10. Welcome John. Great to have you on the forum. You chose a good'n. There's not too many of us, but as I think you will find, we all enjoy each others input. The ground is pretty solid here where I'm at in the U.K, little doubt it is frozen tight up North in Scotland, and is 'still good to go' way down South West in Cornwall, on the Gulf stream..
  11. Well found John! Got the wee fella! Cool as.
  12. Yep, the Mars coils do have some great press. Many Impact owners swear by the Mars Tiger, too. Apparently the Impact / Tiger combo is a great match-up. No reason why they shouldn't do well on a FT 19 kHz either...I agree with you regarding the performance in iron and mineralised/iron trash scenarios. A F19/G2+/BHTRP with a 5x10 coil will hold it's own with the very best machines out there. That is a fact. On Roman sites the ground is usually 'evil', however, if there is even the tiniest low/mid conductive coin and it hits that sweet spot on a 5x10, the machine 'welds' to it...On Medieval sites, the ground is 'evil' also, however, tiny cut-quaters of thin section silver coins have to be well covered for to evade a FT 19'er /5x10 combo. Fair play, they've certainly held up very adequately to their respective tests of time.
  13. So very well put Scott. I've given snippets of some of the things I/we did when we were young. Those I've spoken to have almost unanimously said things like, "You did What!? and you didn't get arrested!!!?"....Aye; the rooms Were colder, the pain Was more painful, but our laughter was definitely Much louder then. i did smoke my first cigarette at 10, too...and there was a surplus of fine-boned, dark-eyed, dark-skinned Cornish maidens, that could lure a boy further than good blasting powder could blow him....from what I've learned, every generation seems 'weaker': across the board for the most part. Thankfully there are still very many proper men and women in our world, that raise their young to a high standard. Such children are wonderful Human Beings..We were never 'priviledged', infact, that attitude would ultimately have lead to 'self isolation of sorts'.... If a 'thing' broke down we tried our damnest to mend it before moving on, and if we needed something fine then we worked the harder to get the cash for to buy it. We were harder. Life was harder. Many of us became proper men and women that knew how to adapt. We were the luckiest ones.
  14. Perfectly worded John. Y'all got the knack for 'pinnin' a hide to a barn door'.
  15. Me, I'm a 60's hilly-billy boy from Kernow ( Cornwall U.K ), so 'running dogs, rifles, fast bikes and hot females were my penchant. Got my first .22 rf at 11 (1971) BSA LR iron-sights, and a hand-full of hollows to get aquainted. After that I was given twenty five rounds a day. Moved through the calibres to .243. .243 is a flat shooter. Excellent shot placement is key: massive calibre isn't, so that old .22 rf larned me well. Got to a certain age and simply had enough of killing, even though no meat ever went to waste. I believe too much killing taints a man, and Karma doesn't take kindly to it, either.. Hunted with long-dogs and lurchers for almost forty years, too: day-time and dark.. Had a passion for motor-bikes that lasted ten or twelve years from '77. Started out on a Suzuki TS 185 Trail, finished on a Kwak 1,0000. Lost part of my left knee on that TS 185. Took up metal detecting when I got too crocked to hunt with my dogs. These days, hunting for history with a 75 and G2+ keeps me out-doors.... Always had a passion for reading, especially military history, from the Mongol Khans to killing that Hells spawn Bin Laden. Always had a passion for air-power ( RNAS Culdrose on 'door-step', in Kernow). Ever since I was told ( again in '71), that the "boohm BOOHM" noises, we all heard regularly came from the SR71. I was intrigued so I checked it out, and after that I was hooked. I collect 1/72 die-cast model fighters, from Spitfire/Messershmitt, to F4G's/ F15/16/22/35.... Pride of place is my 1/72 Century Wings SR71 Blackbird. There's a post somewhere on the forum with some of my gold Iron Age coins etc..that I've started to collect... I sold off a lot of quality medieval silvers etc, and with the proceeds I have started to collect ancient British gold coins ( V expensive for good 'crisp' ones! ), so that 'hobby' is a slow-burner. I'm 6'3" tall, with white straight hair an' black curly teeth.... jokin' about hair and teeth....the rest is 'History'...
  16. I think that Dilek, and NM didn't learn the lessons they were served by their Simplex marketing ploys ; re; coil issues at sale-point. Their aggressive promoting ploys put the 'galloping blinkers' on them, again. They came out of the traps like starving greyhounds, instead of going ahead steady, and refusing to allow punter pressure to direct them, and in so doing become too keen to please. Forget the babbling horde of 'wanters' NM. That lot'll always be here. See them for their fickle , spoilt nature, and make the buggers wait in line, until you see fit to make firm datelines. Only release news of your products' sale dates when you are positive of that date. Stay in control; you have what they want, and if you do not make them wait in line they will star-burst and mob you, and make you over-reactive: aggressively defensive; with their unpleasant diatribe: because you are giving them the ammo by your own hand. I absolutely agree with Scott and John on all counts. Let us hope that NM learn from this 'second strike at the bat', and refuse to jump the gun again in a hurry.
  17. Aye, sellers remorse is a bugger. Some days I wish I'd kept my U.K spec Animal. One thing's for sure though, my 75 and G2+ will stay with me. They're too damn good , for me, to sell on or give away. Speaking of 'Animals', "When I was Young" encapsulates me perfectly! 60's boy. A fine time....no former wife or lover can take those wild and reckless memories....."enough already Timmy".
  18. Early days yet. Best not get too excited by things as they be. Let yourself be judge, Jury, and if need be 'executioner'. Over here in UK, some of the pre-sales simplex testers were little short of ridiculous : coo-ing and ahhh-ing and blowing warm air up NM's butt with their exhortations. Their air-testing, 'bucket of doom' depth tests were ridiculous. The 'proof of the pudding is in the tasting', as 'they' say. Let the seasoned vets guide you on YT, not the 'You Tubers', because most of them have little or nothing to gain, nor do they have egos that require regular 'polishing'. John does sound reviews, so, too, did Don Southern, until idiots with their diatribes seem to have made him reluctant to post reviews. Can't say as I blame him.
  19. Yep, perfectly safe to go BACK to 2.77 FROM 2.78. It'll be a lot better. 2.78 'throttled' the machine. My advice, for what it's worth, do NOT run the 2.77v Simplex on maximum gain, either. It doesn't need it, it'll be too 'wired'. The next few sentences have been covered on the forum, but to save you searching; Only those that either know no better, or who are irrevocably set in their, "Go for the max-gain you can get away with, at all costs, and 'swing like hell', " silliness / mind-set , or those blessed folk who are fortunate enough to have excessively low ground mineralisation ( 'candy-floss soil', as John calls it), can expect full gain/sensitivity to enhance their hunting: it won't: especially not on Simplex v 2.77 it won't.... Secret is to get away with the most USEFUL gain/sensitivity setting possible for YOUR ground conditions. Try putting your machine flat on the ground, outside, with the coil at 90 degrees vertical. Then turn it to max gain/sens. Now wave a small SILVER coin back and forth in front of the coil face. Silver being a low conductive metal, but much sought after. Gradually, still waving the coin across the coil face, move it in a direction away from the coil face. When the TONAL value drops out ( forget the vdi numbers), push a twig into the ground at the exact point the coin failed to get a TONE. Now adjust gain/sens to say, half-power (5/10...2/4...). Repeat the process with the SILVER coin: note where tonal value drops out: push another twig into the ground. All will be evident to you....It's similar to the old transistor wireless days, in a way. Turn volume to quarter; tune in to Radio Luxembourg, on it's short wave-length; find the music; turn the volume up, and "Hey Presto!" the musical quality distorts: the machine can't cope......Sensible gain/sens: low and slow-ish swing. Hope this helps yourself and himself, Dj. I bet Scott and John'll probably laugh, or maybe roll their eyes, respectively, after yet another of the Cornishman's rambles!
  20. I'd start with THGT Live-Stream 101. The rest are all there. Just subscribe to John's YT channel, click on his affix, and you will be able to access his play-lists: Metal Detector Reviews, Live-Streams, Tutorials ( Ground balancing, recovery speed, notching, separation, coils for courses..........there's a whole library of good things there. Good hunting Dj
  21. If you have'n't already Dj, I reckon you'll really enjoy John's THGT Live-stream 101 ( this week's episode). There is much mention of Legend, with plenty of clarity given to some questions regarding the machine.
  22. Aye. some weeds have to be pruned hard to stop the spread of their seed.
  23. I've watched all the THGT Livestreams from the get go. Most of them are very good indeed...but some of them are, in my op', absolute 'first water' gems. THGT Livestream 101 is 'one of John's best gems', it has to have credit, when credit is due. No BS, and no blowing warm air up yer butt John, just had to congratulate you on an absolute diamond. That's me done. If you missed it: go watch and listen. Nothing beats a person that is direct and resolute, whilst retaining politeness as well as acceptance of others' differing opinions. 'Tis why I respect 'the man' as I do. Damn fine 101....ps; Mark Thomas is so funny. His humour has me buckled laughing. Many's the time I've had to clean my keboard because of his dry-ness of wit.
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