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  1. A bucket full of gold dollars on a hilltop in the California Gold Country.
  2. Thanks. Perhaps so--I do Roeding a lot.
  3. 1912 bronze Philippines under United States One Centavo bronze coin. The soil here in Fresno, California is very tough on everything but the silver. I cleaned it up as best I could, but pretty good for having been in the ground maybe 100 years. A big welcome surprise after mostly clads, the occasional wheatbacks and the rare Mercury dime or buffalo nickel in the park I usually dig in.
  4. No ballad--sorry. It's just this wheatback I found, stamped "Planted by E.Z. Smith" (no relation). I found it with my detector in a farmer's market in Fresno, CA. I found another online, and they said they found it on a millstone in Columbia State Historical Park, CA. Does anyone know what the story is here? I suppose it's some sort of detectorist's Easter Egg--plant them where they might be found by a fellow detectorist, then they'll wonder what the story is behind it. Is "planting" finds like this a thing among detectorists? E. Z., maybe you're out there--would you care to step out of the shadows and spin a tale for us? Much thanks for any insight that might be shared.
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