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    LRP Vs. Fisher f44

    Thanks hunter!!! So you think the bigger coil 13/15 inch persay , would give extra 2 inchs or so on depth??IF the LRP was able to sport a larger coil than 11inch which i think it is not from my understanding then that would be awesome. I know there are machines that blow these outa the water and if my questions are useless or bothersome please let me know. My goal is to have 2 machines that i can adapt to a single frequency and a multi-frequency.
  2. As i had a LRP , but no longer have it and i loved that machine i have a few questions mainly for Hunter but anyone else also if you know either machine. How do they fair against one another? Hunter i think you said that the LRP held a slight edge in a YT video? , but with LRP limited coil options..and fisher f44 able to sport a 15 inch coil i believe, IM curious on a verus thing along with using different coils?? Thanks!!!
  3. Thanks to you all on the Info, and Tim im sorry for the confusion when you typed 'SMF' I thought that stood for single machine frequency..i just realised thats not what it meant 'bangs head' lol And i don't own f75 i was asking hunter what a step up would be from the landrangerpro as far as depth that is just like the lrp, i own a g2+ and vanquish540 currently. Scott thanks appreciate the info and is a huge help!!Hunter great run down!! and i think im gonna try coin mode more often because silver is what im looking for mainly:) You guys have given me so much info im processing it and i really appreciate it! My last question is what would a gold ring hit on the g2 plus for a gold ring??(Hunter my newbie brother messed up my f-pulse pp setting's so i had to go back to your video and set them back thanks!!)
  4. Thank's for the info!! really helpful and appreciate you taking the time ... the only thing im confused on is that isn't the 75 that you use a single frequency machine? Thanks Tim!
  5. So probably a dumb question , but what advantage do certain modes have over others? I know that relic is deepest ect. If i choose to use coin mode over the others like jewelry what advantage does it give me if any? If im using a multi-freq machine and im using coin mode will it actually hit coins better like let's say on a frequency 1-40 that is running all at the same time??
  6. Thanks for the info Hunter and thanks tim, i think in my head i imagined that targets would be one specific ID especially with multi frequency if they were more shallow. I will try reseting the g2+, my biggest complaint with it is it hiting a ID but making hardley any noise wasn't sure if that is normal? The reason why i got into this hobby is because last winter i was looking up videos bored and happen to watch a huntergt md video on YT one day and then i started watching more and more(true story). I think i get frustrated because i wanna know everything and ive just got my feet wet in this hobby(like i want the depth and know what im digging exactley). My question's are not meant to challenge anyones knowledge just for the record, just when i think i know one thing i end up clueless. It's kinda sad but without hunters video on just pinpointer settings (f-pulse) I think i would have gave up on it lol. Tim intresting enough i met a vietnam Vet with his son metal detecting 2 weekends ago and the son was the only one md'ing because the father has had a stroke and lost some use in his arm and trying to build back strenght. He said he has been doing the hobby 30-plus years and has over 100 rings , 47 being gold along with relics of all kind and other things. These guys were pro and blew me out the water, the son was using a whites spectrum 3vi and using a screw driver to dig with and he could locate something and have it outa the ground within second's it was crazy and neat. They told me one of the worst mistakes someone does is swings and moves to fast and to pick a spot and go over it slowly.
  7. For some reason it won't let me send a message on chatbox now. Im new to metal detecting this year but there are some thing's im confused on? 1 is that how the g2+ is a good coin machine, because when i have used mine the depth seems horrible and what i have really disliked it is the fact that if a target is a little deep like 4-5 inch's the machine won't even make a noise just flash's a id????Maybe im doing something wrong or have a bum machine but the machine is in great condition. My vanquish540 goes deep but seems like on even shallow target's the id just seems very spotty, shredded cans pop up as every ID it seems like. However in the pass week i am getting better on it and i found a 1891 dime the first good find with the vanquish since i bought it. I thought the fisher f75 you would have held to a higher regard? I thought about replacing it with the vanquish evntually if it is good on coins and rings as far as depth. I got alot to learn as this is my first year ... Thank's...
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