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  1. Yeah, I am using the Bravo one now.. I figured that a THGT theme would be more black and green.... perhaps that has changed now
  2. So far the forum is looking slick THGT! The new format has some nice features that phpBB didn't. One request would be a THGT theme. Õ.õ
  3. jason

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    Need to have a liquid gold theme... Or maybe a hunterGT theme!
  4. Hello and welcome everyone! Welcome back to thehuntergt's forums! It has been a while, and we look forward to this place being a home of information and stories of everyone's hunts and finds! A quick note about me, since this is an Introductions thread: I am a B.S.E.E. who has been working long hours lately. I first got into Metal Detecting right around the time that I first found THGT on YouTube. At the time he was giving away a Bounty Hunter Time Ranger, and I was able to score a Titan 9000 as my first MD while the Time Ranger went to the awesome bearharold. Since then I have swung it some and found mostly trash, but it has certainly been fun swinging it! I typically lurk the forums and FB group, but I will occasionally post something odd ball from time to time... like this Swing low, swing slow and find mo! Jason
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