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  1. How many do research before they decide whether they are going to detect a home or area to hunt gold nuggets, or areas to hunt with in a town for me when living in Ohio i rarely ever did any research other then the home my wife and I purchased in Ohio, my wife and I spent months researching our old home it was built in 1889 which I knew because of the age there was history to be found, other places I detected in Ohio like homes and creek bed areas i knew the history was there so I detected most home owners were pretty willing to allow access to detect there property but wanted to see what I found nine times out of ten they just wanted to see the items I dug up and I would tell them take what ever you want most elected to just look and would not take anything most could not believe what I dug up. I know when searching for gold the area you detect makes all the differences in the world and research is pretty much imperative so you are not hunting aimlessly,the property my wife and I owned when we moved from Ohio back to Arizona was in northern AZ and was forty acres when I researched the area we were in it was not known to have much gold ever found but all the indicators you look for when gold nugget hunting were there also meteor's never found any meteor's though but gold nuggets was a different story I did find some gold nugget's not many but few they were all very,very small I did find flower gold in some dirt and sand from the washes that ran through our property but I used a miller table and pan to do that it was fun Now because of circumstances beyond my control I am forced to start detecting tot lots so how do I go about researching areas of tot lots to detect I am not even really sure it is legal to detect in tot lots here in Arizona so how do I go about finding that out as well Thanks for reading
  2. yes they have spiraled and not for the good in my mind, I remember when I was young getting a stick horse to play with and was happy I got that, I watched my mom and dad struggle to make ends meet, and my mom not eat because there was not enough for all of us, I think back now and I miss my mom so much, it took me years to figure out why she would do that and realize why, but it took me years to figure it out, I made a decision that it would never be that way for my family, now days a lot of parents have no know how as to teach their kids rite from wrong and that life in general is not free, they do not teach their kids if you want to get somewhere in life you have to work for those things
  3. I am trying to convince him to join the forum, but you know how kids are he is into video games like his dad is, that's why I purchased the him a detector was to try to show him there is more things that are fun to do other then video games, I don't know what some of these kids would do if they grew up when I did they would be absolutely lost if they had to get up and turn a knob on a TV or had to find a phone on a street corner
  4. I have a lot to learn about these new detectors after swinging my Xterra 705 for so long you had to go pretty slow with it
  5. I watch metal detecting videos quite often and one of the things I notice is how fast some of these people swing the coil like they have a scythe in their hands I watch these people with dis belief in my mind one person I watch sometimes in particular is swinging so fast I don't know how he even gives the detector a chance to alert on targets this particular person swings a DEUS and several other detectors but the Deus is the one he swings the fastest like he is weed whacking Is it even possible to swing a detector as fast as you can swing it and still get the detector to actually see targets at all ?? I know if I was to swing as fast as I see some of these people swinging I would be so spent that I would only be able to detect for 10 minuets and that is debatable but I would be done after a vary short time and trying to catch my breath
  6. Because of how tall my grandson is i ordered him the longer middle shaft and also the lower carbon fiber shaft for his simplex plus, got them delivered today had my son bring my grandson over, but I put the two new shafts on before they got to my house, I know the carbon fiber lower shaft is a little lighter then the stock shaft but man I did not realize how much different in feel it would create wow is all i can say, I put the 11 inch coil on to check it out and it seemed to me the balance and overall feel was quite different, in a good way. With the lower carbon fiber shaft on and the 11 inch coil did not seem to be near as toe heavy as it did with the stock shaft, I don't really know that just may be me and wishful thinking but it just seems the over all balance with both coils and the new carbon fiber lower shaft seems quite good now. I also did not care for the flex the stock lower shaft had and the carbon fiber lower cured that
  7. Thanks John would never do that to anyone that has there own forum and also is a dealer because i would not want it done to me
  8. Delik put up a video update on Facebook earlier today but I have no clue how to post it on THGT forums, so if someone knows how to do it please put it up, I will say I am liking what she had to say, she also stated she had covid and was really sick is to why she had not put up a update until today, I can relate to being sick from covid as it almost cost me my life Figured it out so I edited my thread to include the update I hope this was permissible, if not please delete https://fb.watch/aBG36RRZPs/
  9. I was going to start him with the 11 inch but felt it was a bit nose heavy so I changed it to the 9.5 x 5 just so he would not get discouraged rite out of the gate he is a quick learner, I did show him he has a second coil for it but I told him I thought he would be better off starting with the smaller coil because of it being nose heavy, he did not argue with me, like I said he was grinning ear to ear which made me feel really good, my son was even getting into the detecting with him once he seen his son digging up things, I had to show my grandson how to do the pin point wiggle back, which he caught on pretty quick, my son could not believe you could find coins with a metal detector and I never could get him to go with me when he was younger, i think my son kind of regretted it after he seen how much fun his son was having My son ask how much the detector was and I told him, he said I should not have spent that much for my grandsons birthday present, I told him its only money and I cant take it with me when I go so I may as well spoil the only grand child I have, he looked at me kind of odd and i told him to not worry I would only spoil him a little bit life is to short not to enjoy it is the way I look at it
  10. As the heading reads my grandson came to visit me to day well my son, sons girlfriend and grandson, greeted them at the front door, I had the Simplex plus in my hand when I opened the door my grandson ask if that was my new detector and I said no that is your new detector,I had it all set up for him so we did not have to put it together because I knew what he would want to do, I had the batteries charged up and it was ready to go for him, he said when can we go I told him rite now so we walked down to the sandbox, I showed him all the settings and told him how to ground balance it and turned him loose he found $3 in clad coins and I never seen such a big smile which made me smile, I have a feeling I will be seeing my grandson way more now because he has already been asking when him and I can go again. I will have to say the Simplex Plus seems to be one fantastic detector for as cheap as it was cost wise, it really surprised me just how good it seems it is, I had the 9.5 x 5 inch coil on for my grandson and I will tell you for a $250 detector the Simplex plus is one fantastic little detector. no one has ever detected in these sand boxes at all I believe because of just how deep some of the clad was, he dug two quarters up that i know were deeper than the pulse dive pin pointer which is probably 2.5-3 inches longer then the original Garrett pro pointer those coins had to be a good 11-13 inches deep and that's a guesstimate as i did not have a tape measure
  11. Unfortunately we have nothing like you describe on our side of the pond Tim wish we did I will be calling the place I purchased from again on Monday and getting a return authorization on Monday
  12. well not sure how to even reply back on your statement Scottt2, your statement about them always communicating with customers is what I have always heard and read also, I did message them about something else one time and they replied back, but again my message to them was about something totally different my opinion on the Legend thing is if you want to sell and convince people to purchase the Legend, you at the vary least post up a little update every now and then which at first they kind of was doing and then all of a sudden it all just seemed to come to a screeching halt, I do not know if it was due to all the comments about it being a clone of the Equinox or other comments I have read and I especially believe this with the DEUS 2 getting ready to hit the states if it were me I would be flooding the forums with updates everyday just my opinion though. me I do not care if it is a clone of anything, if it comes out a better build and is actually water proof and works at least close to the Equinox or maybe comes out a little better I will be happy, and from what I have seen posted up on the Legend it is going to compete quite well with the Equinox Line which is the only machine in my mind you can compare it to, if the build quality that i have always read about the Nokta/Macro line has continued in the Legend and it is just as good in the detecting department as the Equinox to me it will already be a better detector then the Equinox, and if it turns out to be all I stated and then is a little stronger in the detecting department it then becomes a better machine then the Equinox, which is just my opinion also. you will always have people out there that no matter what they are shown they will bash just because it is in their nature to do so I have read some comments where people say to compare the legend to the Apex,Vanquish,AT Pro and a few others, UM no I do not feel any of those machines will even be in the same league as the Legend, but we will not know until we have the Legend in our hands, I feel the same way about people comparing the Equinox to the Simplex Plus,AT PRO and a few others I have seen them compared to UM no, all this is just my opinion though The DEUS 2 in my opinion is in a whole other league by itself, just my opinion also me I am not one of those fanboys that has the mind set it has to be a mine lab or its no good, yes I own some mine labs and I love them just like the GM 1000 there is some build issues with that detector that I know mine lab had to see before it even came out and they did not even correct them, what I am talking about is only a slight problem but it is a problem, it is so top heavy that when you set it down to dig it literally falls over and is frustrating as hell when you go to dig a target, and I actually love them but I am always on the look out for a different gold detector so I am also thinking about purchasing the Gold Finder 2000 from Nokta/Macro, simply because it does not look like it would be top heavy I will be honest with people the only reason I decided to pre order the Legend is because I have always wanted to try a Nokta/Macro detector because of everything I have read about NOK/Macs build quality,and a few other things I have read about them
  13. Well it seems like i am not the only one having an issue with the pulse dive pin pointer not pairing with the green headphones found some videos of others having the same issues
  14. What I am talking about is Nokta/Macro I find it rather funny they have literally stopped saying anything and not giving us anymore updates as to when we can expect shipping to begin, the last update as far as I can tell was a month ago December 15th I believe I have no intentions on dropping my pre paid order, but I do find it rather odd that it is like all communication from Nokta/Macro has stopped, and it seems their presence on the forums has stopped, I am sure they are reading peoples comments but to me it is just really odd, the testers seem to have even stopped posting up anything new also, are the machines just going to be delivered to dealers all of a sudden or what ???, you would think by now they would pretty much know what is what and would try to keep people focused on the Legend Oh well like I said I just find this whole process with the legend a bit odd and wanted to read other opinions on it the reason for this post was due to a email from Kellyco I received that the heading was Update on Nokta/Macro Legend shipping update, the email was pretty useless in my opinion and had nothing to do with updating as to when to expect the Legend Thanks for reading
  15. I have tried changing volumes, frequencies and every other thing I can think of, I even tried re pairing the pulse dive with the headphones what is odd here is everything works good between the Simplex and the headphones the other odd thing is now when I try to re do the pairing its like the headphones are in a search mode looking for something to pair with,and has the really quick flashing blue lite going on the minuet you turn the headphones on THGT can you tell me if there is a reset button somewhere on the pulse dive or the green headphone I have looked every where on both and it does appear there is no re set anywhere other than the simplex plus itself I attempted to call the repair center yesterday but got no answer also attempted to contact the place I purchased from and they were of no help at all
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