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  1. I currently swing the AT Max, but investigating multi- freq rigs now to upgrade too. Any advice would be welcome.
  2. I haven’t seen many of the deus 2 because it’s way outa my league to even consider. But the ones I have seen the tests were definitely better than what people are doing with the Legend.
  3. I agree with you 1000% about the testing especially air testing. Too many variables unaccounted for and it does nothing but pisses off people once they spend a lot of money on it. I swing the AT Max and have found some deeper coins here in Wisconsin with it. Ok detector but I’m looking to move up into multi frequency. That’s why I started this post. I believe these testers if there going to be putting out videos show me something that will impress me to want to buy. Perhaps I should wait another year or so when I may have enough money to buy the Deus 2. Definitely impresses me but way out of my price range.
  4. So you guys think I’m being to hard expecting more realistic tests right now?
  5. I’ve seen some of the recent testing videos of the new unit.But I’m disappointed that some testers are not doing realistic tests, what are your opinions?
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