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The Ballad of E.Z. Smith


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No ballad--sorry. It's just this wheatback I found, stamped "Planted by E.Z. Smith" (no relation). I found it with my detector in a farmer's market in Fresno, CA. I found another online, and they said they found it on a millstone in Columbia State Historical Park, CA. Does anyone know what the story is here? I suppose it's some sort of detectorist's Easter Egg--plant them where they might be found by a fellow detectorist, then they'll wonder what the story is behind it. Is "planting" finds like this a thing among detectorists? E. Z., maybe you're out there--would you care to step out of the shadows and spin a tale for us? Much thanks for any insight that might be shared.

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Welcome to the forum - and thank you for joining.  

No clue on the story of the "why" of it.  I will assume he is/was a metal detectorist but cannot be 100% sure as I have never met the guy.  I have heard of a few others in the hobby who leave stuff buried where they hunt and see other detectorists.  

I did find this bit on a website - E.Z.Smith AKA Zen Master Stamper's Page – International Union of Mail-Artists (ning.com)

Also seems to be a photography teacher at the college at one point?   Google "E.Z. Smith Fresno" and a few things pop up.

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Welcome to the forum, and thank you for some great content. I've not heard of this happening over this side of the Big Pond, but that's not to say it hasn't. I once buried some, dozen or so,  goldie- coloured tin foil chocolate coins in a meadow for a night-hawker to 'enjoy' digging up. He'd been trying his hand on a permission of mine during the dark hours. I'd beaten the meadow to death previously, and I'd recorded the buried signal values of the candy coins for reference before plantin them.  A polite way of letting the night-hawker understand that his prescence had been noted, and that it was 'un-welcome'.

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