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Silver ring with the Impact.


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nice find .. yea, there are some places where the silver comes out looking like that .. not sure why, but fertilizer is a good bet .. it seems that the ones I have found with that sort of tarnish came from close to the roads and I was figuring it was because of the salt used to melt the ice in the winter, as even the coins will be tarnished, similarly  .. but this find in CA proves it different .. is this a teaser for the HunterGT NM Impact video, due to be released soon?

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Thanks fellas, it was a pleasant surprise for sure.  Thought it was a quarter before I dug it.  

@Tim Kernowek 59 Feeling a bit better.  Good enough to get out and detect anyways - especially now that the heat is letting up.  Planning a lake hunt in a few days.  Zero shade there so I usually stay away from it in summer unless going swimming.  

@ScoTTT2  Yeah I am almost positive it is fertilizer.  I've had Merc dimes come out looking perfect in other parks - and more than one looking like this ring with the pitting from this park. I got the ring on video so there will for sure be an Impact video coming up.  😎  Unfortunately, I was skunked the rest of the day as I was hunting a very worked area by other detectorists and myself.  We all missed the ring though, proof it is never hunted out.

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