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THGT Livestream 101.

Tim Kernowek 59

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I've watched all the  THGT Livestreams from the get go. Most of them are very good indeed...but some of them are, in my op', absolute 'first water' gems. THGT Livestream 101 is 'one of John's best gems', it has to have credit, when credit is due. No BS, and no blowing warm air up yer butt John, just had to congratulate you on an absolute diamond. That's me done. If you missed it: go watch and listen. Nothing beats a person that is  direct and resolute, whilst retaining politeness as well as acceptance of others' differing opinions. 'Tis why I respect 'the man' as I do.  Damn fine 101....ps; Mark Thomas is so funny. His humour has me buckled laughing. Many's the time I've had to clean my keboard because of his dry-ness  of wit.

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Thum thpelin cwap
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