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Hello from Wisconsin


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For Garrett you have the Ace Apex...but I consider that more of a sideways move than an upgrade.  Unless you hunt salt beaches.  Ace Apex is awesome there.

You have the Nox 600 and 900 at $649 and $949 until Feb 1st...then they both go up $50.  There is also the Vanquish 540 that is very decent.  Not quite Equinox level but very close in my opinion.  I do consider it a step up from the AT Max in all but build quality and waterproofing.   

Legend will be out in February hopefully - Deus 2 for public in February as well.

That is about it for true simultaneous multi-freqs.  All others will be selectable multi-freqs - Anfibio - Deus 1 - Orx - Impact.

I sell them all but Minelab.  Email me at thehuntergt@gmail.com for pricing info.

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