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We surely dig in two different types of soil. Unless I hit a rock or root I can push my trowel straight in for the whole blade length, in most places. Things are unthawing here and I got out yesterday to try your suggested 51 disc and it worked well. How did you come up with 51 compared to any close disc setting or just discing out iron? I was using the stock coil and running 65/51/dp on the discrim side and found a mercury dime, two wheaties and about $3 in clad along with some relics. Still toggle back to all metal to check any high blips which seeemed to be around the 9-10inch mark.

Then there was the double hit quarter. Was that hitting off the coil edge?..I thought I might have been getting something similar with the 13" coil...get a good hit, but couldn't find it where it should have been with the pinpoint..then finding it off to the side. All I could figure was it was the edge of the coil getting the hit.

Anyway, nice show....I have three hunts dow so far each with a piece of silver, about $8 in clad and a ring...today will be in the upper 40s, so things should thaw and open up.

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Yeah it is pretty nasty stuff. There are a couple places where they water is so often I can get decent depth. But for 90% of it - it is as hard as in the video where I am stabbing it. I can pogo jump on most shovels and get maybe 6-7 inches then.

The disc boost will work from 50-59....but since nickels land 58 I just usually run it 50-51. It is not mentioned in the manual, but air-testing leaves no doubt it is a boosted range.

Manual only mentions that "as you raise disc - sensitivity may raise"....something like that. But it has been narrowed down to 50-59 by a few testers/users.

Shallow stuff will for sure double hit...deeper stuff on edge shouldn't in theory. Might have just been some sort of anomaly.


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