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Who makes their own diggers?


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I've been notorious for destroying digging tools. I don't/won't use a shovel on grass just because. But I've wrecked about every hand digger I've ever had.

Hard clay here after about six inches and hey, who doesn't get giddy going after a deep target.

The lesche? Got two that are pretzeled up, Garrett? Snap! The whites? Phht, not even close. So I'm thinking of swiping my brothers welder when he's at work ;) and fabricating something brutish that will handle my caveman like diving style. Where to start?

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I have a couple custom jobs Jeff Conis made me (moderator here). They are beyond tough and I expect they will be around after my kids have grandchildren. I also use the Wilcox 251s (11 inch) and 202s (14 inch). They are rolled steel and tougher than any offset hand digger made for metal detecting. They only run $15 or so...and won't break the bank if you end up not liking it. They only way you are bending one is on purpose...they are very well made.

Nothing beats a custom job...but the Wilcox are the best market ones I have ever used.



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