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1000 Feet Down

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Here are some pics from the Molly Kathleen gold tour I took. Went down 1000ft vertical in a rattling rusty cage. I probably would not do it again...but it was an experience to remember.













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Those pics brought back some memories of days and night-shifts past, and made me instinctively scratch at an old cut scar. Hard, filthy hot, humid, dangerous work, but great camaraderie, and 'fierce craic' altogether at the time. Definitely a young mans job of work. You go down bulky and slack, but eighteen months or so down the line, you end up lean and hard and super fit at ground level. Our deepest working level was 420 fathoms, out man-riding shaft went straight down to 380 fathoms at sump. 'They' say that in ever mine you will find a Cornishman; maybe so, maybe not. You will however always find the 'Cornish Cut' sequence of starter sockets in every lateral drive shaft. We gave underground mining to the World; as well as pasties, cream teas, and holiday homes!!! :lol:
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