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Hello everyone


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My name is Mike. I live in Indiana and I mainly use the anfibio multi but sometimes I’ll break out the simplex or at pro. I really, really like my anfibio though. Mostly I hunt farms with old home sites... well that’s really all I hunt, I’ve never been to a park but I live a ways out of town too. I just wanted to introduce myself and say I’m a big fan of THGT!
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Hi Mike! Thanks for joining and being part of the forum. Appreciate you joining and enjoying the videos over the YT.

Anfibio is my personal favorite along with the T2 - my opinion changes depending on time of day lol. It is one of the deepest and fastest detectors I have ever used. Love the menu - tones - build quality. Can't wait to see what come next from Nokta/Makro.

Looking forward to your posts! Feel free to ask any questions and show of your finds.


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