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The Future Of Metal Detectors?

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What do you think the metal detector of the future will be like? Are we at the pinnacle, or close to the best a hobby metal detector can be? Will the MD companies strive to give us the best possible metal detector or will they market machines which are capable, but less than their best? Are metal detectorists content with a good machine because of price, even though for a little more money they can buy a more capable machine of the same brand ? ie; I'd rather pay $300 for an x-brand detector because it is good enough, than pay $800 for an X-brand that is really good, than pay $2500 for the best x-brand detector.

open discussion....your opinion here

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They already give us machines that are scaled back. Just look at the Vanquish compared the the Nox 800 - and then the Nox to the CTX3030. As long as they can hit a price point the customer is willing to pay for the performance - everybody wins. I am content with my Simplex on a personal level. You could take away my Nox - Anfibio - T2....and I would still be ok with it because I know how good it performs.

Hopefully the future brings Gorilla glass displays - target shape capabilities (3d imaging) - improved conductivity ID and tone - color displays - drop in Li-Poly batteries - solar charge strips along the outer edges of the faceplate and shaft - carbon fiber everything....I could probably go on but that would be a start for me.

That being said....the #1 improvement needs to be masking, Any detector that can figure out true masking has my vote.


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Excellent topic Scott. Really Bang On!.. I wish that I was qualified to be of help. Sadly I possess scant techno accumen. John is your man for that knowledge and information. His suggestions all 'hold water'. I can but imagine the responses to your question if there were more forum members also 'in the know'. From what I heard from Dilek in her YT announcement recently, the Nokta Makro Simutaneous Multi IQ machine is to come with carbon as standard to lower stem, a up-grade (?) to the upper stem, plus user removable/replaced Lith Battery, which negates sending the machine back to NM for battery replacement. This obviously means that NM will make a killing from spare/interchangeable-in-the-field second battery sales. Nokta Makro most definitely are, 'On it' as far as learning from and listening to their client base. Fair play to them, they sure have a well-placed ability to 'ruffle feathers'!
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