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Update on lower coil connection issues

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The 5x10 coil also has black Sugru flaunching so the outer of both stem lugs. The FT 5x10's have lugs that look flimsy. I've never had them break prior to applying Sugru, but 'prevention being better than cure' I decided to use up two remaining sachets of Sugru on them. It certainly makes a world of difference for extra durability, and peace of mind. Stalks, stoney fields, and woodland hunting all take their toll on coils eventually. As I mentioned, if at any time you need to remove the Sugru it can be easily done with a starter cut from a craft blade or such, leaving the protected parts in pristine condition.
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It'd look heaps better if I possessed more dexterity with my fingers! Nothing like the battering from a Holman 303 pneumatic jack-leg rock drill to wreck ones fingers. Someone with good fingers would be able to achieve a better finish for sure certain. Main thing is that it works, especially on coils that sound-off when the hard-wired connection area contacts stalks yada yada. Better than whanging a coil in the bin, and protection for coils that're going to be 'beasted' on hard locations . I think that Black Sugru is the 'go to' colour for black coils, and White Sugru for white coils, respectively. I hope that you found this thread interesting, and perhaps of use.
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