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Neat homestead find.


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First signal yesterday in a field site. It was literally rolled up in a ball and looked like another piece for my retirement brass bucket. Got it home and saw that it had design on it I decided to try something on it as usually bending small brass sash buckles snap. I put it in a small pot of boiling water, let it get hot and slowly pushed all I could to straighten it out. Worked pretty well, nothing broke.

It says on it, cross of the legion of honor. Apparently its a French military pin of some sort, still lookin for info.

Only other good find was an 18?6 lc pretty worn. Good day no matter. IMG_20210330_183340.thumb.jpg.b92fe162a1b6ea57980c0fc4f2af0d82.jpg

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Must have been an important person...they don't just hand those out to anybody. Usually political figures or ex-military of high rank or value get them. That being said...Putin and Assad both got one lol...so grain of salt needed.


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