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CLAD IS RAD CONTEST: All clad posts go here!

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I think this contest is probably a wrap. A good idea no doubt - but just not enough people on the forum to make it happen. Hopefully I can get some traffic in here one day...but Facebook seems to be where the action is....and my recent health issues are not letting me do what I want to do with promotion and such.

I will send you a 340 as the winner - and for having the great idea Scott.

With my health issues and everything going on right now...might be best to just cancel it.


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Sounds like a plan ... and maybe it will work out better next year ... but for now just get yourself back to normal, that's the important thing here and if you need to talk just shoot me a PM ... probably nothing you can be going through that I haven't lived through or at least seen ... and if there is, you sure have my support.
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Well done for your huge tallies of Clads, Scott, and well done to you John for being your usual enthusiastic and generous self. I'm truly saddened that you are 'under the pump' my friend. For me, I only go with one Dr,; a young enthusiatic, steady hand, that has the acknowledgement of his respected peers. Too many 'cooks'...yada yada. I've been to 'dark places' too my friend, and have had to seek help before now. I was having huge anxiety hits, seemingly for no good reason, considering how heavy, prolonged, and dis-orientating they were. I thought I was going to croak it too. Turned out it was post trauma from the collapse of 18 years of marriage. As you, I had kids to rear yada yada, Eventually, the pain from divorce etc seemed something but the past and done. Wrong. The responsibilities of single parenting, work, etc etc merely put the massive issue of a failed marriage on the back-burner, for over five years. Once things 'seemed' on an even keel, the magnitude of the 'hidden agenda' struck. Freaked me out, and I've seen and been exposed to some sorts of stuff, but nothing compared to the psychological implosion that caused my dis-order. Palputations, spaced-out; I thought I was going mental, coupled with a heart disorder... That is past now, but I now know that 'alloted time-spans' relating to anxiety etc,have no bounds. I firmly believe you will prevail John, you are , as I mentioned on your most recent video regarding your health, a fighter with a strong 'spine'. Ditto Scott, always here for you my friend.
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