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I like long walks...


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Hello and welcome everyone! Welcome back to thehuntergt's forums! It has been a while, and we look forward to this place being a home of information and stories of everyone's hunts and finds!

A quick note about me, since this is an Introductions thread:

I am a B.S.E.E. who has been working long hours lately. I first got into Metal Detecting right around the time that I first found THGT on YouTube. At the time he was giving away a Bounty Hunter Time Ranger, and I was able to score a Titan 9000 as my first MD while the Time Ranger went to the awesome bearharold. Since then I have swung it some and found mostly trash, but it has certainly been fun swinging it!

I typically lurk the forums and FB group, but I will occasionally post something odd ball from time to time... like this :D

Swing low, swing slow and find mo!


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