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can I detect here

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begin rant .. This has been going around in my mind since it happened .. I stopped down to the local park the other day and a guy stopped me to chew the fat about detecting .. he first asked about my detector saying he had a eurotek pro .. then the conversation switched to permission, after he asked how I knew I could hunt the park .. I told him I had permission from the mayor, but you really didn't need permission to hunt most of the public parks around, as long as you left no trace that you were there .. he then pointed to the church yard across the street (built in the early 1800s) and said, 'I would really like to hunt there' .. I explained that the churches were mostly run by a board of people and would bring up any request for permission during their meetings .. most times the permission would be granted and they usually wanted a percentage as a donation .. he then tells me, "I would just hunt there until they threw me out, like the guys say on FB...it is best to use the 'I didn't know you couldn't' excuse. than not to hunt it at all."

Is this true? .. FB groups promoting trespassing to hunt places they don't want to go through the effort of gaining permission for, based on a false ignorance.

I then explained to him if you were just hanging in my yard, without asking my permission, you would be rudely told to leave or physically thrown off.. if you were also digging, I would have the police tell you to leave .. I mean wtf.

There are a few popular youtube channels where I would like for them to show the parks they are hunting after they are done ... it would look like a battlefield ... and now I hear, 'just go until they kick you out' ... with all the people new to MDing .. is the point to make rules and regulations to prohibit hunting anywhere?

Those who make their 'social' fame behind a keyboard and/or go-pro need to step up and fix this before it gains the attention of those who can stop it all together. .. end rant.

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I have not seen anything like that on the one facebook group I'm in. LOL, I'm thinking they would get flamed out there. I would agree with you that "It is easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission." is a common in society. I see it with hunters on the farm all the time. When approached they act confused doesn't so and so farm this... It is getting better than it was, due in large part that the hunting community here have done exactly what you are calling for.
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yes .. "It is easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission." .. the exact phrase he used. That mindset not only does a big disservice to the one who has it, but also the hobby as a whole is looked at in a totally different light by those who might not understand it. Once someone really has a problem with people sneaking onto their property, it is very hard, or impossible to change their mind. Someone who metal detects is a sneaky bastard just trying to access my property .. best make a law so this doesn't happen anymore, don't care how much they beg me, I really don't need to put up with this.

there was a time, not to long ago, when no lands were posted, or very few .. still, I always asked .. I made a lot of friendly relations that way .. talking to people is pretty easy, if you ask me .. a lot easier than back peddling your way out of trouble .. which depending on what you've done, could be serious. .. and because I asked before they posted their lands, after they were posted I was still allowed access .. because we had built a friendly and mutually respected relationship.

I used to run coon hounds, some hunts would go for miles along the streams and rivers cutting through dozens of farms .. I had permission from everyone of those guys .. mostly they would say that they didn't care, or stay away from the pastures, but it was always, mostly, friendly

A friendly and respectable request oftentimes leads to more areas .. "sure long as I know it's you .. and by the way my brother owns the place over there and is having troubles" .. or in this case .. he has a very old place and I'm sure he wouldn't mind you there, just tell him you talked to me and I granted you permission for my land and I suggested him to you.

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I am not a member of any other detecting groups other than my own. Might be a bit conceded sounding - but I really don't care. I hate Facebook - and rarely use it outside of business purposes and private messages. /rant

Any group promoting that should be ashamed of themselves. It is never ok to hunt private property without permission - ever. A mentality of "hunt it until they show up" is eventually going to get somebody hurt. The wrong "they" is going to show up sooner or later.

I have zero issues with vigilante justice when it comes to personal property.


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Sadly our hobby attracts some real w#nkers, that are born to blag, bluster, and raise the hackles, because it's really all they will ever be fit for. One such w#nkist has a huge U.K following on a metal detecting channel on YT, as well as Face-Book . Sadly, I rather fancy that a large nucleus of his 'followers' are of a similar 'ilk' to him ( birds of a feather...) They are collectively bereft of both common-sense and basic Human decency, if judged by their silly comments and general lowly demeanour 'in the field'. For me, to see this idiot in question literally jumping up and down on the summit of a Bronze Age Barrow, whilst wildly flailing his arms and legs. metal detector aloft, shouting " 'AMMERED!", makes my blood boil. I'd love a farmer to shoot him. That Barrow contains the last mortal remains of some of our ancient British ancestors FFS's! It is an ancient communal grave...... In Cornish mining parlance, " His cage doesn't go all the way up the shaft", is mildly appropriate... Face-book has an 'army' of such U.K based idiots. I tried Face-Book for a very short while. I thoroughly detested it. It is vile. It harbours so very many 'winkers' ,many of whom carry some quite serious 'baggage' and don't seem to possess the brains of a Rocking-Horse.... All REAL metal detectorists politely ask for permission, where applicable, we all cherish our permissions, and so we show upmost respect to the owners, and their property. We make every effort to leave our permissions as we found them. and we share our finds with the land owner. We establish rapports based on mutual respect and honesty. Those that do not cannot ever be classed as bona fide metal detectotists, for they are of Simian dispositions, not at all un-like that hair-less monkey on the Barrow!.......Aaah, the release of the classical rant... :x ;)
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