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Hi, and a brief intro from myself.

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Hi, my name is Tim, the Kernowek bit means Cornishman, in the old Cornish ( Celtic ) tongue. Born '59, into a Cornish farming family. Father sold farms in late 70's, I went to work for another farmer till '81. U.K Govnmnt milk quotas killed off Cornish dairy farming in early 80's, so I went below ground as a Cornish miner (Tin). Govnmnt shut down Cornish Tin mining in late 80's. Went to work at Falmouth docks until an injuries I sustained whilst mining eventually forced early retirement. Took up metal detecting in 2007, due to being unable to hunt with running dogs anymore due to injuries slowing me up badly ( hunted with running dogs since '73 ). Outdoors Countryman,. Now I hunt for history in the fresh air and flat lands. Started out with Silver Sabre2, bought a Euro Sabre 2 to accompany it after a year or so (the Tesoro made for European hunting with an Iron tone audio grunt): good machine for it's day. Sold both after four years and bought a brand new XP 4.6 kHz Adventis 2, for deep hunting, and a brand new U.K spec Tesoro Tejon U.K Pro ( very extended iron disc range compared to U.S Tejons, plus a Pentechnics 'Tweeking' up-grade with a fixed GB option as well as the manual GB ). Hunted both these brilliant MDs until six years ago, when I moved them on for a new F75DST, followed by a G2+ a couple of years later. I still own and hunt with these two First Texas MDs. I never chop-change MDs, until I'm ready to. I learn them insides out. No 'perceived obsolescence syndrome' as 'some' say... Hunt alone or with a brother. Done.
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Thanks for being here Tim - appreciate you joining. Nice backstory to read up on there.

Few more weeks and things should start to pick-up. Adding a few more sections and going to start making some posts to get things lively.


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