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Prayers Up for THGT


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Thanks fellas. Here is the update I posted on Facebook and YouTube community page. I will STILL be checking the forums and taking orders - but taking some time of from videos and social media for a month roughly - maybe a couple. I WILL RETURN - for sure.

UPDATE: After no food for 41 hours I have finally eaten. After no sleep for 34 hours I finally got 4-5 hours in. EKG and chemical stress test on my heart were all good. No signs of heart attack - but still no update on why I felt like I was having one. Anxiety attack has been ruled out. They will be checking my lungs and other pulmonary sources in the coming weeks/months. I have been released and chillin' at home now. I will be taking a month or so off to get my health back in order - I got complacent lately. I will still be checking the group and all that - but not commenting much or posting any videos or live streams. While anxiety was ruled out - extreme stress was not. Need some time off. Thank you again for all the love and prayers. You guys have no idea how much it helps. Thank you my GT family.


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