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Nokta Makro Cont' Multi Frequ' talk.

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Last evening I happened on a week old YT up-load by chance. Dilek gave up a lot more info regarding the Continuous Simultaneous Multi Frequency machine that's due out. Previous info from her wasnt very forth-coming compared to this. If anyone hasn't seen it, and is interested, it's on YT. Talking Treasure is the up-loader. Title: Talking about the Nokta Makro Multi Frequency Detector With Dilek From Nokta Ma......( Dilek looked 'well chilled', she cracked me up when she had a couple of 'brain-fades' regarding the weight of the Simplex..etc...I like Dilek, she seems sound as a person....) anyroad-up.. it maybe worth a listen ? .... The more I hear about this machine the happier I am that I've held on to my £s. Good advice from knowledgeable, trustworthy people usually pays, if a person takes heed, pays attention and has spade-fulls of good old-fashioned patience . Cheers John :D The Leatherman may be just the ticket ;) ;)
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Sorry John, I'm not 'Au Fait' as 'they' say with such things. However if you go to You Tube, and type in..' Dilek talks about Nokta Makro Multi Frequency Detector ', you'll find it easy as....It is the first video. It's a U.S site hosted by 'Treasure Talk'. Two U.S Dudes. Streamed two weeks ago. First I know of them... I hope that this is helpful. Also, I hope that you are as well as is possible after your scare. Stay safe John, and Kds and other THGT Family members.
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