The Hobby of Instant Gratification

Metal detecting!   The hobby that literally pays you back.  

No, I am not talking about time spent with family, or the great outdoors.  I’m not talking about the adventure, journey, or final destination. None of that mushy feel-good nonsense going on here.  I am talking about being repaid in cold hard cash – jewelry – gold.  I’m talking about that bling-bling baby!

Shallow sounding right?  You bet.  Especially if I dig it at 6 inches or less!  

Sure, a woodworker can sell his/her hand-crafted designs and be repaid for the wood, tools, and their time.  Yes, an artist can sell a painting, drawing, or sculpture to a gallery. However, that is more of a create-sell model.  Create something of value – then sell it for profit.  

Coins and jewelry don’t fall out of a canvas as you paint.  Gold nuggets don’t pop out of wood when you turn the screw.  If they expect monetary compensation, they must complete their project, and then sell it. 

As a wise woman on the internet once said… 

That is exactly how metal detecting is different.  The process itself puts value right back into your hand.  I can go to my local park and school and find quarters, dimes, and nickels anytime I want.  It pays me back WHILE I enjoy it.  No waiting – no selling – no business model.  Instant payback for my batteries AND cost of the detector. 

I’m going to be rich before I know it…right?   Not “rich with fulfillment” or any of that cliche nonsense.  Money rich. Jewelry rich. Richie Rich cartoon rich. Now we are talking…

Who needs that joy, excitement, and wonder mumbo-jumbo when you have cash, jewelry, and nuggets popping out of the ground?  The only thing being taken from me is time. Since time waits for no-one, and the woodworker or painter must spend time as well, it’s a moot point.

I have read countless posts in metal detecting forums about how a person “paid off” their new detector in a matter of weeks or months.  Many times with one single find! Imagine driving down the highway and finding enough money to pay off your car?  Imagine doing home repairs and finding enough cash in the rafters to pay off your house?  The percentages are not great…

Now imagine buying a $500 detector and finding a gold ring worth $500 the first month out?  That has actually happened – more times that I can count…

The metal detector that first made this epiphany moment for me, was the $70 Bounty Hunter Gold Digger.  

It was getting close to Christmas and Grandma (TheMotherGT)) was deciding on what to get her 10-year-old grandson.  She was wanting to get him something he could enjoy outdoors, since she is not a fan of her grandson being cooped up indoors playing video games.  She knew I had recently purchased my first detector, so why not get the grandson one as well, so we could enjoy the hobby together.  

He was excited when he unwrapped it Christmas morning.  Certainly not expecting it – but happy to have it all the same.  He was like dad now!    

Being late December in Colorado – it was not really the best time for a metal detecting adventure with a foot of snow on the ground.  We placed both detectors in the corner and waited until the weather was a bit better.  By the time the weather had improved a few weeks later, we had forgotten either was even there to be honest.

My son walked into the living room one morning and asked if we could use his Gold Digger for the first time.  Not wanting to turn down adventure time with my son (or a chance to get rich), we placed two batteries in it and headed off to the local lake. 

A few pull tabs and bottle caps is what we expected, and the lake did not disappoint in its willingness to provide them.  We still ponder to this day why there were so many rusty nails strewn across that lake shore.  

About 30 minutes in, there was a signal that would change our outlook forever.  A 10K ring with a 1/10th ounce American Eagle coin set in the middle.  He could buy 3-4 of his Gold Digger detectors with it.  Instant value – instant payback – instant gratification!  

This was the trigger that started it all.  I knew it was time to dive head first into this hobby that very second.  That excitement on his face did it all for me.  Fork some of that over this way sonny boy – I want to feel that too. 

No, not the shallow “get rich” feeling I mentioned above.  Hindsight is 20-20 now. Give me that excitement, joy, and sense of wonder with my family again.  

The thought of having more of these moments with my loved ones sealed the deal right then and there.  This was my new hobby.  This was OUR new hobby.  That look on his face was better than any gold ring – by leaps and bounds.  THIS was what it was all about.   

Thank you mom for buying it for him – thank you son for wanting to go that day – thank you daughter for grudgingly going with us boys to play in the dirt.  

The friends, joy, and opportunities this great hobby has presented me are immeasurable.  

Metal detecting – the hobby that really does give you instant gratification.  In more ways than one.

Hope you enjoyed the blog!   TheHunterGT singing off – I will see you – on the next blog!

(Disclaimer – I do make a profit from Amazon links)

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  1. Great story there THGT! You had me worried for a bit in the beginning. But I like how you twisted it into a good feeling story by the end. Your son looks as happy as can be.

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